Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Editorial Letters and Articles
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 12/04/2013 Use Framingham windfall to cut taxes
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 01/24/2012 Throw The Bums Out
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 05/22/2011 Hold The Police Accoutable
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 01/20/2011 Overkill in SWAT raid
Scott O'Connell 508-626-4449 10/02/2010 12,000 expected to vote in Brazilian election at Framingham High School
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 06/26/2010 Ed McGrath is Dangerous
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 06/16/2010 Double Standards of Justice
Danielle Ameden 508-626-4416 06/02/2010 Rizolis' show kicked off the air in Framingham
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 05/25/2010 Framingham cop accused of gun threat
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 05/25/2010 Framingham police chief angry over swastika next to his photo
Michael Morton 508-626-4338 04/21/2010 In letter, local clergy blast Framingham TV hosts' Holocaust take
Harold J. Wolfe 04/20/2010 How to Beautify Downtown
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 03/19/2010 Framingham cops lose appeal on overtime pay
Enzo Rotatori 02/28/2010 School budget question to consider
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 02/11/2010 Framingham looks to replace downtown rotary
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 02/10/2010 Framingham selectmen expect to make big spending cuts
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 02/05/2010 A rift develops over Quinn Bill payments
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 02/05/2010 Appeals court hears Framingham Police union suit
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 01/28/2010 Framingham Police, union at odds over Quinn Bill funding
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 01/23/2010 Town critic seeks Framingham Board of Selectmen seat
Michael Kane, Framingham 10/30/2009 The police chief's capitulation
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 10/30/2009 Framingham Town Meeting approves hotel tax hike
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 10/29/2009 Framingham TM voters say yes to increasing meals tax
David Riley 508-626-3919 10/29/2009 Anti-Defamation League calls Jim Rizoli Holocaust denier
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 10/28/2009 Framingham finance official offers grim outlook
Michael Morton 508-626-4338 10/18/2009 Study shows most Brazilian immigrants here illegally
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 10/01/2009 Police in Framingham withdraw from federal immigration program
Enzo Rotatori 08/04/2009 Failed efforts to restore Framingham's fiscal health
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 08/01/2009 Cops earn top dollar with details
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 05/13/2009 Jury finds Framingham teacher not guilty of threats
John Hilliard 508-626-4449 04/16/2009 Job cuts expected for Framingham schools
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 04/09/2009 Priest won't face assault charges
John Hilliard 508-626-4449 04/08/2009 Richardson: Towns should have option to let illegal immigrants vote locally
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 04/08/2009 Judge to rule today in Framingham assault case
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 03/29/2009 Illegal immigrant couple going back to Brazil after 6 years
Harold J. Wolfe 2/27/2009 Animal Farm Revisted
John Hilliard 508-626-4449 02/03/2009 Priest won't stand trial for Rizoli's assault complaint
Enzo Rotatori 12/31/2008 Framingham caught in employee benefits trap
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 08/01/2008 ICE training results in three arrests in Framingham
Tracy Jan, Boston Globe 06/28/2008 School system retirees 'double dip' with waiver:
Collect full salaries plus their pensions
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 06/26/2008 Lawyers will meet with Brazilians
Rob Haneisen 508-626-3882 05/15/2008 The man behind the cackle
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 05/08/2008 Mal Schulze, longtime Framingham politico, dies at 75
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 04/13/2008 Brazilian survey reveals suspicion toward Framingham police
Marie J. Parente, Milford 02/27/2008 Speak out on illegal immigration
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 02/24/2008 Housing crisis hits immigrants
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/21/2008 Framingham inspectors find more illegal apartments
David Riley 02/05/2008 Framingham schools eye $9.2M budget increase
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 12/06/2007 Brazilians, police praise seminar sessions
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 11/23/2007 Opening a dialogue with the Brazilian community
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 11/15/2007 Both sides praise police forum
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 11/11/2007 Framingham Police officers receive immigration training
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 11/11/2007 Police chiefs worry about Brazilian gangs
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 10/26/2007 Officials to meet with Brazilians again
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 08/03/2007 Police officer shoots, kills man armed with knife
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 07/17/2007 Brazilian Citizen Police Academy planned
Harold J. Wolfe 7/17/2007 Catering to illegal aliens
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 06/05/2007 Opening a dialogue with the Brazilian community
Harold J. Wolfe 03/25/2007 Five Year Projection is a Farce
Harold J. Wolfe 03/09/2007 Counting the Votes
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 02/17/2007 Convicted murderer arrested in Framingham
Tyler B. Reed 01/10/2007 Framingham official sees trouble on the horizon
Tyler B. Reed 11/22/2006 Framingham Schools budget frozen
Harold J. Wolfe 10/12/2006 Real Problems in Framingham
Harold J. Wolfe 8/27/2006 Sanctuary for illegal aliens
Jack Prindiville 08/17/2006 Abuses in one-party state
Harold J. Wolfe 7/16/2006 Aiding and abetting crime
Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff 04/20/2006 Bay State exodus 2d only to N.Y.
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 04/09/2006 Murphy's ouster a sign of the times
Charlie Breitrose 508-626-4407 04/02/2006 Quality remains at issue
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 03/11/2006 Pity for beggar ends in assault
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 02/26/2006 Offender photos sent to basement
Editorial Opinion, Wall Street Journal, Page A16 02/23/2006 How to Turn a Red State Blue
Tyler B. Reed 01/05/2006 Unanticipated influx of Brazilian students taxes school budget
Harold J. Wolfe 11/07/2005 Override on the horizon
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 10/21/2005 A crime crackdown or not?
Harold J. Wolfe 10/14/2005 Not the growth the town needs
Charlie Breitrose 508-626-4407 10/03/2005 Managing mobility
Claudia Torrens 508-626-3976 10/03/2005 New data shows increase in Hispanic population
Claudia Torrens 508-626-3976 10/02/2005 Framingham: Town loses 1,312 since 2000
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 09/18/2005 Working one day at a time
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 09/15/2005 Brotherhood touted with sister cities
Harold J. Wolfe 09/09/2005 Are taxpayers being overcharged for bus service?
Scott Greenberg 09/08/2005 Report rates Boston most expensive city
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 09/02/2005 Why are we so negative?
Terry M. Moe (Wall Street Journal) 08/25/2005 Public sector unions: Packing a Punch
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/25/2005 Immigration study to pinpoint influx
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 07/31/2005 School officials, police at top of town's salary list
Ned Price 07/31/2005 First Amendment denied
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/30/2005 Anger's not the answer
Rick Holmes 07/29/2005 A primer on free speech
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/28/2005 Human Relations board still hasn't filed minutes
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/28/2005 Barring man from speaking was legal
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 07/28/2005 Voucher system 'out of control'
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/27/2005 Keeping an eye on social services
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/27/2005 Rizoli clashes with selectman chairwoman
Sumner Korins, Framingham 07/24/2005 Rizoli's boring song and dance
Theresa (Edo) Freeman 508-626-3919 07/24/2005 Public debates head to the Internet
Maria Sachetti, Tracy, Jan, The Boston Globe 07/03/2005 Teacher raises surpass US rate
Harold J. Wolfe 07/05/2005 Framingham's Unfunded Pension
D. Craig MacCormack (508-626-4429) 07/04/2005 Water, sewer rates on rise in Framingham
Michael Sullivan 06/19/2005 A vision for downtown Framingham
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 06/18/2005 Selectmen hike bills for homeowners
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 06/17/2005 The beast of burden
Steve Orr, TMM, Precinct 1 06/17/2005 Offer solutions to go along with criticism
Michael Sullivan 06/09/2005 A free ride for illegal immigrants
Michael Sullivan 05/27/2005 Listen to the people: Illegal means illegal
Harold J. Wolfe 05/24/2005 Overrides were meant for emergencies
Michael Sullivan 05/09/2005 We're breaking ground -- and laws
Emelie Rutherford 05/06/2005 Immigrant tuition plan clears committee
Frank J. Genova 05/06/2005 Illegal Tuition
Harold J. Wolfe 04/22/2005 No Need for an Override
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 04/17/2005 Summit proposed to study how immigration affects Framingham
Jennifer Kavanaugh 508-626-4416 04/17/2005 Big money in illegal immigration
Harold J. Wolfe 04/15/2005 Lopsided Funding
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 02/15/2005 Board defends contract vote for manager
Harold J. Wolfe 02/07/2005 Expect more cost overruns
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 02/06/2005 Downtown fares poorly in crime study
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 01/30/2005 Balance of power may shift
Rob Haneisen 508-626-3882 01/07/2005 Eight is more than enough
Carolyn Kessel Stewart 508-490-7475 01/16/2005 Bills bring bad news to homeowners
Harold J. Wolfe 01/15/2005 A Few Reasons to vote No on McAuliffe
Terry M. Moe (Wall Street Journal) 01/13/2005 No Teacher Left Behind
Rob Haneisen 508-626-3882 01/07/2005 The big library debate
Harold J. Wolfe 01/07/2005 Library expansion isn't needed
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 12/18/2004 Ross says one term is enough
Norman Miller 12/01/2004 Rte. 9 bank robbed
Donovan Slack 11/11/2004 Value of police details queried
Frank J. Genova 11/10/2004 Downtown crime concerns
Norman Miller 11/09/2004 Trouble Brewing in Town
Barbara Anderson 10/30/2004 Five reasons not to vote for state Democrats
Philip Isley, Ashland 10/26/2004 Parents are the answer
Paul Sostillio, Framingham 10/21/2004 You Know You're A Democrat When..
Dr. Nicolas Sanchez 10/14/2004 Don't Condone Illegal Immigration
D. Craig MacCormack (508-626-4429) 10/10/2004 Immigration at center stage in Rep. race
Harold J. Wolfe ( 508-877-5541 ) 10/01/2004 Detail work more important than law enforcement?
Harold J. Wolfe ( 508-877-5541 ) 09/25/2004 Where Does the Money Go?
William Raspberry 09/10/2004 Good Homes, Good Students
Harold J. Wolfe ( 508-877-5541 ) 08/27/2004 Town Meeting gives schools a pass
Harold J. Wolfe ( 508-877-5541 ) 08/11/2004 Does the Majority Rule?
Wall Street Journal Editor 08/03/2004 Eminent domain: Poletown's Revenge
Wall Street Journal Editor 07/26/2004 Untangling Anti-Terrorist Confusion? Lots of Luck
Mal Schulze 07/15/2004 Spilka wrong to support in-state tuition for illegal aliens
Harold J. Wolfe ( 508-877-5541 ) 07/15/2004 Get back to the basics in school
Mark Kelleher 07/15/2004 Support Tax Rollback
Jon Brodkin ( 508-626-4424 ) 07/14/2004 Universal health insurance plan advances
Rich Parsons (Natick) 07/13/2004 Residents denied free speech
Peter Reuell (508-626-4428) 07/11/2004 Heroin: A cheaper and deadlier high:
Recent overdoses point to easier access and more dangerous use
D. Craig MacCormack (508-626-4429) 07/09/2004 Board rejects second Rizoli
Barbara Anderson 07/06/2004 Roll Back the Tax Rate
Charles Brody 07/01/2004 Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for Juniper Hill
Harold J. Wolfe 06/28/2004 Do we need any more compassion?
Chip Ford (CLT) 06/15/2004 Return the tax rate to 5 percent
Harold J. Wolfe 06/10/2004 Deliberate and wanton overspending
Gretchen Weber, Globe Correspondent 05/20/2004 Voters question cost of benefits
Want closer look at insurance expenses
Harold J. Wolfe 05/14/2004 The Frugal Taxpayer
Jack Prindiville 05/13/2004 Restore the 5% tax rate.
Rick Holmes 05/09/2004 No time for a tax cut
Harold J. Wolfe 05/07/2004 Benefits to Framingham Teachers
Harold J. Wolfe 04/08/2004 Spending is out of control
Rob Haneisen 04/01/2004 Do these numbers really indicate anything?
D. Craig MacCormack (508-626-4429) 03/31/2004 Incumbents keep selectmen seats
Benjamin Gedan 03/28/2004 New FIMBY leader eyes strategy shift
Marty Nemko 03/23/2004 The Overwhelming of America
Steven A. Kruger 03/18/2004 FTPA quizzes candidates for town offices
D. Craig MacCormack (508-626-4429) 03/18/2004 Wolfe hits Sisitsky, selectmen at candidate forum
Eun Lee Koh (508-820-4238) 03/11/2004 Voters to mull electing manager
Plan would change appointed town job
Stephen J. Glain 03/11/2004 State tops US in job loss rate
Mass posts 6.2% decline since '01 peak
D. Craig MacCormack (508-626-4429) 03/10/2004 Bad blood: Two Framingham officials seem
to always be at odds on how to run the town
Walter Ramsley 03/07/2004 Town Must Tighten Financial Belt
Kathy Kenney-Marshall, McCarthy School, Framingham 03/05/2004 Calculations Don't Add Up
Harold J. Wolfe 02/27/2004 Following the Numbers
Peter Reuell [508-626-4428] 02/22/2004 Deferring the American Dream:  Report finds cost
of housing putting home ownership out of reach
Antoinette K. Burrill 02/19/2004 Esty and Reilly deserve credit for sewer war victory
Linda Dunbrack 02/18/2004 Skewed Reporting
D. Craig MacCormack (508-626-4429) 02/13/2004 Framingham workers defend salaries
D. Craig MacCormack (508-626-4429) 02/11/2004 Study: Town workers make too much
Richard Prince 01/25/2004 Conflict of Interest
Jeffrey W. T. Buck 01/20/2004 Crime Should Carry a Price
Richard Prince 01/02/2004 Pols Flaunting the Law
D. Craig MacCormack 12/14/2003 Fiscal watchdogs stay on the trail
Carolyn Kessel / News Staff Writer 12/11/2003 Towns Plow Thru Budgets
D. Craig MacCormack 12/04/2003 Election season starts early
Harold J. Wolfe 11/26/2003 Framingham Voters Deserve Better
Jack Prindiville 11/26/2003 Tax hikes not the answer
Chip Ford (CLT) 11/24/2003 Legislators need to restrain spending
Steven W. Orr 11/14/2003 Trash column misses point
Chip Ford (CLT) 11/12/2003 Trash column masks truth
Rick Holmes 11/09/2003 Conservatives for free trash
Neil Ferris (Southborough) 11/09/2003 A call for fiscal responsibility
Edward B. McGrath 11/09/2003 Raising Taxes is not the answer
Massachussets Association of School Committees 11/08/2003 Massachussets Association of School Committees
Barbara Blum (Framingham) 11/05/2003 No sympathy for illegal immigrant
Bruce Ramsey 11/03/2003 When does free speech become "fighting words"?
Harold J. Wolfe 11/03/2003 Board of Selectman Won't Offer You a Choice
Jeffrey W. T. Buck 11/02/2003 Wake up and smell the Constitution
Chief Edward M. Merrick, Jr. 11/02/2003 Licensing of Immigrant Taxpayers
Jeffrey W. T. Buck 10/24/2003 Critics of illegal aliens are not racist
D. Craig MacCormack 10/23/2003 Selectmen most likely will pass over underride idea
Rob Haneisen 10/17/2003 Volume control needed on immigrant bashing
D. Craig MacCormack 10/09/2003 Voters refer back trash article
D. Craig MacCormack 10/06/2003 New town group hopes for lower annual bills
Doug Freeman 10/05/2003 Framingham trash fee on its way
Rick Holmes 09/28/2003 Mixed Signals
D. Craig MacCormack 09/26/2003 Town extends King's contract:  But manager won't get a raise
Arnold Schwarzenegger 09/24/2003 My Economics
George P. King, Jr. 09/23/2003 Morency Woods
Michael Kunzelman 09/21/2003 Immigrant licenses hit roadblock
Rob Haneisen 09/19/2003 More than illegal vs. legal
R. H. Prouty 09/18/2003 Immigration stance puzzling
Brian Carter 09/14/2003 Bar lowered for MCAS tests
William Priest 09/12/2003 King controversy is a public matter
D. Craig MacCormack 09/12/2003 Officers explain rights to illegals
D. Craig MacCormack 09/09/2003 Town's CFO leaves for Arlington post
Boston Globe Reporter 09/08/2003 Selectman accused of ethics breach
D. Craig MacCormack 09/08/2003 Board accepts 13 articles for fall TM
D. Craig MacCormack 09/05/2003 Ethics questioned in two-town sewer deal
Jenn Abelson 09/04/2003 Judge denies restraining order request, Target had filed ethics complaint
D. Craig MacCormack 09/04/2003 King accuser not expected at meeting tonight
Barbara Anderson 09/03/2003 Sen. John Kerry and the federal deficit
Harold J. Wolfe 08/31/2003 Framingham Deserves Some Answers
Rob Haneisen 08/29/2003 Letter sent to IRS on King's accuser
Rick Holmes 08/27/2003 Rumors and Politics in Framingham
Jeffrey W. T. Buck 08/24/2003 A ploy for backdoor amnesty
D. Craig MacCormack 08/23/2003 King accuser calls arrest a political 'conspiracy'
Jenn Abelson 08/23/2003 Framingham complainant calls his
arrest a political ploy
Jenn Abelson 08/22/2003 Arrest made at Framingham meeting
Ethics complaint filer taken away
Rob Haneisen 08/22/2003 Here comes the mob
D. Craig MacCormack 08/20/2003 King up for review: Complaint against town manager will not be considered
Jenn Abelson 08/13/2003 Debate centers on manager's review
Peter Reuell 08/12/2003 Allegations Won't Affect King's Review
Jeff Adair 08/12/2003 $1 million surplus on school agenda
Jenn Abelson 08/11/2003 Ethics Complaint Filed Against Town Manager
Rick Holmes 08/11/2003 Ominous Economics
D. Craig MacCormack 08/09/2003 Sisitsky criticizes evaluation holdout
Jenn Abelson 08/08/2003 Apartment Plan Rattles Social Service Agency
Jenn Abelson 08/05/2003 Fiscal concerns prompt taxpayers association
Rick Holmes 08/03/2003 Jobs, the latest high tech export
Harold J. Wolfe 08/01/2003 School Vouchers should be considered in Framingham
Harold J. Wolfe 07/27/2003 School Choice: Parents should get involved
Rick Klein 07/24/2003 Mass. is called No. 1 in fee hikes
Doug Freeman 07/23/2003 Town manager should be elected
Chris Edwards 07/17/2003 States need to tighten their belts
Barry Kling 07/15/2003 Special ed surplus questioned
Charlie Breitrose 508-626-4407 07/10/2003 Schools left with $700K extra despite budget cuts
Enzo Rotatori 06/28/2003 Little Value in Small Classes
Rick Klein 06/18/2003 Pacheco Law costs millions, report says
Harold J. Wolfe 06/12/2003 Are Framingham Teachers Getting Paid Too Much
Nelson D. Schwartz 06/09/2003 Down and Out in White-Collar America
D. Craig MacCormack 06/02/2003 Is opportunity knocking in ex-sewer beds?
Eun Lee Koh 05/15/2003 Language Program May Get Reprieve
CLT Notes 05/11/2003 Whine More, Pay Less
Jenn Abelson 05/05/2003 Smoking challenge may have big reach
Marc Kenen 04/30/2003 Top 10 myths about charter schools
Mark C. Smith 04/29/2003 Reasons a charter school moratorium is needed
Associated Press 05/03/2003 Jobless Rate Jumps to 6 Percent
Associated Press 04/30/2003 Pay drop in Massachusetts worst in nation
Rene Mandel 04/20/2003 More educational dollars needed
Editorial 04/24/2003 MTA barking up the wrong tree
Jack Prindiville 04/24/2003 Will of voters has no weight
Steve Bailey 04/18/2003 Bye, Bye, Boston
Yilu Zhao 04/12/2003 Taxes Driving Some Elderly From Their Homes
D. Craig MacCormack 03/21/2003 Church lots will not get free plowing
Benjamin Gedan, Globe Correspondent 03/20/2003 Police say cuts limit drug fight
D. Craig MacCormack 03/14/2003 Petitioner wants recall powers for town
D. Craig MacCormack 03/13/2003 Seized homes suffer major water damage (2)
Enzo Rotatori 03/08/2003 Savings on Prescription Drugs
Robert Sharpe 03/05/2003 Our country can be free or drug free
D. Craig MacCormack 03/04/2003 Seized homes suffer major water damage (1)
Robert H. Bolles 03/01/2003 Take the NO OVERRIDE pledge
Rob Meltzer 02/17/2003 Send clear message in election
Unknown author 02/11/2003 Plowing the church lots
D. Craig MacCormack 02/09/2003 Should Framingham plow church lots
Norman W. Clark 02/09/2003 Put Money where mouth is
Harold J. Wolfe 02/03/2003 Plowing Church Lots - A Bad Business Model
Shaoni Bhattacharya 02/03/2003 Stupidity Should Be Cured
Charlie Breitrose 508-626-4407 02/01/2003 Five who would be school's top boss
D. Craig MacCormack 01/31/2003 Town manager warns of `significant' reduction in personnel
D. Craig MacCormack 01/29/2003 Town touts an incentive for recycling
Cheryl Gordon 01/30/2003 End Winter Service to Churches
Rob Haneisen 01/22/2003 English classes worth the wait
Rob Meltzer 01/20/2003 State Aid Cuts; Bring'em on!
William Buckley 01/20/2003 Rich Police?
Rob Haneisen 01/17/2003 Do taxpayers deserve clean sidewalks?
Robert P. Bergman 01/17/2003 It's town's, not my job to clean up snow

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