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Crime Should Carry a Price Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Jeffrey W.T. Buck Metrowest Daily News
It's bad enough illegal aliens take jobs, reduce wages, overcrowd schools, strain resources, use emergency rooms for non-emergency services, don't pay medical bills but send the money home to Brazil, etc., but now Massachusetts taxpayers are expected to afford them an in-state tuition break, when they don't even belong in the country, let alone the state.

Are they to be treated better than Americans from out of state?

What this really is is backdoor amnesty.  First, you allow the illegal alien kids to go to college.  Next it will be amnesty so they can work.  Then it will be legalizing their parents.  And what will be the end result?  Our immigration laws and national sovereignty will mean NOTHING!

If these illegal alien kids are now adults and are mature enough to go to college, then they are mature enough to own up to what their parents did and recognize that they themselves do not belong in America because they are illegal too.  They should return to their native lands and apply for legal entry like everybody else.  Membership has its privileges and crime has a price.  Membership in American society is a privilege, not a right, and it should not be thrown away to the lawless.

The forgotten factor, as always in this illegal alien issue, is us Americans.  Judith Lalau's recent letter showed how ruthlessly our elderly are being treated at the hands of illegals.  When do we Americans ever get considered? Ms. (Rep. Debby) Blumer, I know you are busy trying to help illegal aliens get driver's licenses and now in-state tuition and issuing proclamations that deliberately make no mention of the need for local people to be "law- abiding," but I was wondering when you would have time to represent Americans.

Also, Ms. Mineo, I can see that you thrive on doing stories about the predicaments illegals get themselves into by flaunting our laws and expect us to feel sorry for them, but when are you going to do a story about Americans who suffer because of illegals?

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