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Human Relations board still hasn't filed minutes Thursday, July 28, 2005
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 Metrowest Daily News
The Human Relations Commission continues to ignore a bylaw requiring boards and committees to file meeting minutes at the clerk's office, a provision the commission has not complied with for three years.

The commission, which is appointed by the Board of Selectmen, last filed minutes for its August 2002 meeting, but has failed to do so for all its subsequent meetings, which are scheduled about once a month, according to the town clerk's office.

"The boards themselves should be concerned if their minutes aren't in.  The boards themselves should want to comply with the bylaw," Town Clerk Valerie Mulvey said.

The subject of the missing minutes has been raised several times at selectmen meetings after police investigated a complaint filed against one former commission member earlier this year.  Police investigated former member Lloyd Kaye but were not investigating the commission.  Investigators needed to view the commission's meeting minutes.

The investigating officer wrote in April that since the bylaw went into effect at the beginning of 2003, the commission had not filed any minutes or notified the clerk's office about changes in its leadership.

Commission chairwoman Edwina Weston-Dyer said the commission has the minutes and will file them.  When minutes are filed at the clerk's office, they are sent to the library, where they can be read by the public.

"It's something we will have to take care of.  We didn't submit them, and I don't know why they weren't submitted.  Maybe I should have been more forceful," she said.

Weston-Dyer went on to say the commission is preparing to deal with "far greater" issues.

"I don't want the Human Relations Commission to be in some sort of jam.  No time in our history has it been more valuable to have the Human Relations Commission function," she said.

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