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Framingham deserves some answers August 31, 2003)
Harold J. Wolfe Metrowest Daily News
In response to Rick Holmes' editorial titled "Rumors and politics in Framingham" printed on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2003, in the MetroWest Daily News, I'd like to point out that Mr. Holmes seems to have left out a few details.

Mr. Holmes is correct in saying that any employees can fraternize with other employees or their subordinates.  However, in this case, what remains suspicious and unexplained is how Karen Potter was hired less than three years ago at $13 per hour and now makes $52,000 a year.  Perhaps Mr. Holmes can show me the long list of other town employees whose salaries have risen in excess of 100 percent like this in a mere three years.  As a concerned taxpayer, this certainly raised my eyebrows.

The editorial says, "Allyson and Karen Potter have denounced Levenson's complaint in the strongest terms, which is good enough for us."  We all remember Clinton emphatically saying, "I did not have sex with that woman."  Then came the DNA analysis of the dress stain.  Science trumps belief.

Then comes the question of job postings and hiring policies in the town.  Karen Potter was apparently hired first.  Was there a job posting when Allyson was hired? Or was it a favor from King to hire Karen's sister? How about one sister reporting to the other? Mr. Holmes missed that point.  One wonders how many other positions in town have siblings reporting to siblings.  I'm sure the town doesn't have a policy on that, either.

Was there a job posting when Allyson was rehired to take notes for the selectmen? Or is that yet another King favor?

Here's a simple question to ask George P. King Jr.  Did a poker game occur on the night in question, and who were the other three identified players (Friends of George? F.O.G.?)

Finally, Seth Levenson becomes more credible with every effort made to stop him from saying what he wants to say.  Let him have his say and he will be judged by the community with his own words.  If he is not allowed to have his say, this issue will be quite prominent come the next election.

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