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Framingham Voters Deserve Better Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Harold J. Wolfe  
In the October 16th, 2003 meeting of the Board of Selectman, I requested that the Board consider placing a $7.5 million operational underride on the Spring ballot.  Placing an underride on the ballot merely gives the voters a choice.  Esther Hopkins made the following remark to the press.

"I can't imagine what people would think of selectmen who made that sort of suggestion.  They'd think we lost our minds.  He's looking at it from a different perspective and not considering the whole picture."

After justifying my position on October 30, Charles J. Sisitsky denied me even a vote on an underride on November 6.  Imagine if you will, Sisitsky's arrogance for offering you, the voter only overrides, not underrides.  The voters deserves both, depending on the economic climate.  The town government should give and take, not just take.

Since Esther Hopkins implied that I did not have the big picture, I publicly challenged Esther Hopkins twice (Oct 30 and Nov 6) to discuss Framingham finances on on cable TV.  She declined to comment both times.

I publicly challenge Hopkins, Ross or Murphy on the Board of Selectman to a debate or discussion of Framingham finances (concerning the last override or upcoming trash fee) on cable TV.  I have not had any issues with Ginger Esty, and I will deal with Sisitsky during the next election cycle.

While Esther Hopkins was a member of the finance committee for a number of years, it seems clear in my encounters with her in the Board of Selectman meetings, that she has never viewed information on the General Fund growth, population growth, and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) over the last 15 years.

She voted to place the last override on the ballot in 2002 (despite the conclusions and recommendations of the 1998 Financial Task Force Report), and she will vote for the new trash fee after the Spring elections.

The voters of Framingham deserve selectman that have solid financial and even historical financial knowledge of Framingham.  It is sadly lacking on the current Board of Selectman.

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