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King controversy is a public matter Friday, September 12, 2003
William Priest Metrowest Daily News
This whole King-Levenson thing just stinks to high heaven.  I don't know who is telling the truth, and I don't think we ever will know based on the attitudes of the Muckitymucks who run this town with pre-conceived notions and your newspaper.  The notion that this is a private matter and not a public matter is ludicrous, just as your assertion the Clinton's sexual episodes in the White House should never have been made public.  Once a Democrap, always a Democrap.

The timing of everything.  The restraining order was taken out just before Mr. Levenson was to speak at a public meeting.  To me, a public meeting is just that, a public meeting.  He should have been allowed to speak, as long as he didn't approach his wife.  If she were in a movie theatre, and he went to see the same movie, not knowing that she was there, does that make him subject to arrest? You're kind of stretching here.  And how often does the chief of police attend these hearings? Could it be due to the fact that he is rumored to be a participant in the shenanigans?

Why did the MMs hush things up?  Kahn and the selectmen think it's nothing? Charlie Sisitsky tells people they can't talk about it?  Valerie Mulvey takes it with a grain of salt?  I certainly would want to know the truth.  But I guess I don't have a back to scratch.

Next time you wonder why there is such a low voter turnout, don't.  It speaks for itself.  And oh yes, I'm also sick of this running battle between Alice Slattery and Louise Haggett.  Please call a halt to it.

William Priest


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