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First Amendment denied Sunday, July 31, 2005
Ned Price Metrowest Daily News
At the July 26 Selectmen's meeting, Chairperson Katie Murphy displayed total arrogance and a lack of understanding of the meaning freedom of speech when she refused to let Town Meeting Member Jim Rizoli speak.

Mr. Rizoli had signed up to speak on a topic unrelated to his usual favorite, illegal aliens in Framingham.  The topic was the reappointment of a member of the Human Relations Commission and it was worthy of discussion.  It is particularly distressing to note that your paper reported that two other selectmen, Mr. Sisitsky and Mr. Stasik, praised Ms. Murphy for her actions.

The issue is not whether Mr. Rizoli is a popular fellow, but whether the First Amendment means anything in Framingham today.  I know that at least two of these selectmen consider themselves "progressives," i.e. liberals.

If that is the case, God save the democratic process from such "progressive" ideas.

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