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Residents denied free speech Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Rich Parsons (Natick) Metrowest Daily News
Once upon a time, those who were voted into public office here in the United States held that office in high esteem.  They regarded it as an honor as well as a duty to serve their fellow countrymen in preserving the blessings of liberty enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Today, unfortunately, things are quite different.

For many months, the MetroWest Daily News has run articles on the goings-on in Framingham between the Board of Selectman and a group known as Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement (CCFIILE).  Readers have observed that the elected representatives in Framingham, with the exception of one or two, have lost sight of

  1. Who elected them and to whom they owe their fealty; and
  2. The law itself, which they are sworn to obey and defend.
People who are residing in the United States who are not here legally cannot enjoy the same privileges as those who are American citizens; otherwise, what is the meaning of citizenship?  Nonetheless, it seems Framingham selectmen have "aided and abetted" illegal aliens, extending to them American-earned tax dollars in the form of array of social services, welcoming them in their recently penned town proclamation (where it is declared that all people are welcome), and more recently, promoting a "sister city," Govanador-Valadares in Brazil, which has been pointed out by CCFIILE to be notorious for document fraud.  Framingham elected officials childishly accuse as being "racist" and "full of hate" those American citizens who oppose their questionable activities.

Now, we read in Friday's paper that members of CCFIILE are no longer allowed to speak at selectmen's meetings.  (How unwelcoming!) Chairman Ross proclaims, "You have free speech outside this building."  Hmm... Such a pity, isn't it, that the town's disregard for the rule of law and constitutional rights generates alarm among its citizenry!  One can only hope that the good citizens of Framingham are following this closely and will take the selectmen to task for betraying the public trust.  

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