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Selectman accused of ethics breach September 8, 2003
Reporter Boston Globe
FRAMINGHAM: A former Planning Board member who was fined earlier this year by the state Ethics Commision has accused the chairman of the Board of Selectman of violating the town's policy on ethical conduct.

Sue Bernstein who served on the Planning Board for 10 years until she lost her reelection this spring, said at the Thursday, September 4, 2003 selectmen's meeting that chairman Charlie Sisitsky breached the town's ethics policy when he sat in on a discussion two weeks ago about land that Framingham is considering turning over to Natick.

Although Sisitsky recused himself from the discussion, noting that he serves a Natick's director of the department of public works, he did not leave the room as required by the town's policy, according to Bernstein.

Sisitsky was not at Thursday's meeting because of an emergency, town officials said, and he could not be reached for comment.

Earlier this year, Bernstein was required by State Ethics Commission to pay a fine of $2,000, the maximum civil penalty because she was found in violation of a conflict of interest statute when she discussed a zoning change in 2001 with Framingham officials that would have benefitted a real estate client.

The state's conflict of interest law prohibits town employees from acting as agents for anyone else when negotiating town business.

Town officials said an ethics training seminar is planned next month for Framingham employees.

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