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Counting the Votes March 9, 2007
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 Framingham Tab
Folks are taking note that Framingham's local election has been pretty quiet.

In Framingham's last state election cycle, our town clerk Valerie Mulvey was caught violating an election law (MGL Chapter 54, section 15) by choosing two members of the Board of Selectman (Sisitsky and Giombetti) as vote counters.  A claim of "ignorance of the law" and an apology was indeed good enough to avoid prosecution, as the state deemed it a harmless error.  This sets yet another double standard in our one party state.

It was not surprising that both board members were supporters of the winning candidate for state representative, Pamela Richardson.  Both Giombetti and Mulvey donated to Pam Richardson's last school committee run in April, 2006.

Mulvey was an attorney and claims to be detail oriented.  She is also a political activist in the Democratic party and has a strong interest in the outcome of political contests other than her own (translation: she is partisan).  That seems fine, until you realize she is Framingham's primary election officer and counts the votes.

Joseph Stalin correctly pointed out that "the people who cast the votes decide nothing but the people who count the votes decide everything."

It will not be a surprise if we have a very low turnout.  What's the point of voting in Framingham unless you're a Democrat.

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