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Calculations Don't Add Up Friday, March 5, 2004
Kathy Kenney-Marshall, McCarthy School, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
In response to "Following the Numbers," written by Harold Wolfe of Framingham, will Mr. Wolfe please list HIS credentials to make such broad and appalling accusations about the profession of teaching?  I am fairly certain, given the tone of his letter, that he bases his opinion solely on his anger over the rising costs that we all face.

Sure, he took figures and did some simple division ... did you use your calculator, Mr. Wolfe?  That would be your first mistake.  Calculators don't take into account the special education classrooms that have fewer than the average 22 to 27 students.

Your calculator may also have missed the fact that many of our teachers are actually specialists who are not classroom teachers, but who service children who have special needs, like speech and language issues, physical limitations, autism, or Down's Syndrome.

And your opinion that it takes 9 months to do our incredibly important and challenging job -- I defy you to find a good teacher who can.  Most of us spend our summers taking classes, paid for with our own money most of the time.  We try to figure out how to reach those kids who come from broken homes, from countries where English is not spoken, from shelters where they are hiding from abusive family members as well as the learning disabilities they may have.

Now ... MCAS: Are you kidding? Framingham did better than the state average despite all of the problems our kids face, including having to take a test that insists that every child comes from a home like Mr. Wolfe's -- you know, perfect.

We work incredibly hard for the money we make.  We are professionals who deserve to be paid a decent living wage.  Next time you choose a profession to bully, pick on a profession with less nobility, compassion and importance for the future of our country.  And more importantly: do the real math.

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