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No sympathy for illegal immigrant Wednesday, November 5, 2003
Barbara Blum (Framingham) Metrowest Daily News
After reading the front page article of the Sunday, Oct. 26 MetroWest Daily News article by Liz Mineo about Marco the working illegal immigrant, I was outraged and appalled.  I am a born and raised third generation American, having grown up here in Framingham.

I have no tolerance or sympathy for "Marco," living here illegally, working and sending money back to Brazil so his wife and children can have a house in Brazil and he is now saving for an apartment there!

This article is such an injustice to the born and raised Americans, and all the immigrants who came here legally, waiting years to come here and more years for their loved ones to join them, and they also learned our native language, English.

How much longer will we continue to be raped by these illegals as we allow them to take our jobs, break our laws and send money home to their countries?  I take this article as a strong wake-up call and I hope you do also.

Oh, and as for "Marco," yes, you are breaking the law and as far as I am concerned, you can live in fear, and I hope you get caught.  Enough is enough.

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