Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

My goal is to consolidate and unite the opposition to the tax and spend liberals and have them removed from office thru the next few election cycles.  We can then get back to running this town in the same sane manner it has been run for some 295 years before they rode into town.  With any luck, they will move to a ritzier community that they will all like.  They'll be happy and we'll be happy.

I am interested in forming a political organization or PAC (political action committee) whose goal is to eliminate the liberals in our local government and return Framingham government back to sane policies.

I am looking for potential candidates with the ideology that taxes and government in Framingham should be limited in our lives. 

If you wish to run for office in Framingham; whether you want to be a town meeting member or run for selectman, I would like to know about you.  Tax and spend liberals need not apply.

You must be willing to sign a pledge to not raise taxes beyond what is allowed by Proposition 2 1/2. I would be delighted to meet you if you are thinking a tax underride.

I would also appreciate any and all volunteer technical assistance in the areas of:

  • running a political action committee (PAC) and following Massachusetts OCPF reporting guidelines
  • web site management (HTML/Javascript)
  • relational databases (MS Access, Postgresql, MySQL) (snail mail mailing lists management)
  • graphical artists (Gif89/Morphing)
  • maintaining email mailing lists via Majordomo/Majorcool
  • assistance in the distribution of mail and material

If you are willing and able to do these tasks, please contact me at hjw2001@gmail.com

At this time, there is no work available but in the next month or two as we gear up, the volunteer work will pick up.

All emails sent will have their addresses harvested for mailing lists.

Send comments to: hjw2001@gmail.com