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Catering to illegal aliens July 17, 2007
Harold J. Wolfe Metrowest Daily News
On June 18, 2007, Framingham's primary law enforcement officer, Police Chief Steven Carl, invited a Department of Justice official to meet with the "Brazilians," a liberal code word meaning illegal aliens in Framingham.

This was aiding and abetting illegal aliens in direct violation of U.S. Code Title 8, Section 1324.

The Justice official would not allow us to take pictures from the front of the audience because that might seem intimidating to the illegal aliens.  Police presence was strong with about 10 officers.

Imagine our police chief, our Town Manager Julian Suso, one selectman, John Stasik, and our state delegation all catering to illegal aliens.

It's time that Suso consider returning to Ohio.

The taxpayers paid for the Memorial Building, including Nevins Hall, and it gets used to coddle the illegals at our expense.

When the Justice official asked the Brazilians what they wanted, the responses were typical - free medical care, free higher education and easy-to-get driver's licenses.  They already get free public education.

If you think illegals pay property taxes like the rest of us, ask the 17 residents of 2-4 Avon St. and other overcrowded houses in Framingham.

Now we have to waste even more money to hire housing inspectors to alleviate a problem directly caused by our Board of Selectman in their welcoming proclamation.  What a wonderful way for government to metastasize at our expense.

Is this a town you wish to support in an override next year? The answer is obviously no.

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