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Pols flaunting the law Friday, January 2, 2004
Richard Prince (Framingham) Metrowest Daily News
One reads that with their typical limited political outlook, our local pols seek to create a welcome wagon for aliens of every type without limitation, even eschewing the opportunity to add such ornamental language as legal or law-abiding to their welcome.  Sisitsky, Blumer and Desilets are so enamored with the process of their goodness they are blind to the results of their creation.  Is it votes they are seeking or something quite different altogether?

Sisitsky, Blumer and Desilets give no credit to all the folks from every land who come here legally to live here honestly, yet they support those illegal aliens who show disrespect for our community and country by flouting our laws.  They would make Framingham a "hideout" for people who sneak in under the fences.  As such, these illegal aliens live with fraud, some patronizing forgers and others of similar ilk who provide fake documents for their cover and possibly fake and forged documents for those who intentions are even more nefarious.  Is this what Blumer, Sisitsky and Desilets would have Framingham become, a hideout?

Somewhere along the way, these politicians must take some oath of office in which they swear to uphold the laws of the commonwealth, or at least they should.  Certainly they didn't make any such announcement to the contrary when they were soliciting for our votes and confidence in their integrity.

In fairness, laws can be changed or amended, or new ones can be enacted that might change the outlook, but that is not yet the case.  Here, we voting citizens are being denied even the consideration of a referendum process for what purports to be a community welcoming proclamation.  But this is not a community welcome.  This is the private agenda of a triumvirate seeking to slip through the cracks.  Shame on them, but they have no apparent shame, nor do they have confidence in the strength of their argument.  And this abuse of our trust in them will be remembered.

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