Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Raising taxes is not the answer Sunday, November 9, 2003
Edward B. McGrath (Framingham) Metrowest Daily News
Your Nov. 2 editorial concluded that the fiscal crisis confronting the commonwealth of Massachusetts can be solved only by raising taxes, but that is the tired, worn-out thinking that created the fiscal mess.

Gov. Romney proposed many reforms that would have saved the taxpayers of Massachusetts millions of dollars, but the Democratically-controlled state legislature refused to adopt these common-sense proposals.  For example, thanks to the Democrats who oppose Gov. Romney, the taxpayers of Massachusetts are still paying to support two highway departments and the two sets of administrators, lawyers, office personnel and the overhead required to operate both of these bureaucracies.  In addition, the taxpayers are continuing to support two different district court departments and the two different bureaucracies that each needs to function.

The national economy grew at the fastest rate in almost 20 years during the last quarter.  If we let small businesses and the people who operate them keep the money that they are starting to generate, that money will be reinvested creating jobs and improving the lives of the people of Massachusetts.  If, however, the state government takes the money from the people who have earned it, the money will be squandered feeding the bureaucracies by the Democratically-controlled legislature.

Gov. Romney is committed to reforming the way the commonwealth of Massachusetts does business.  In November 2004, the voters of Massachusetts must elect Republicans who will support the reforms proposed by the governor to the state legislature.  Then, and only then, those who think raising taxes is the answer will no longer run state government.

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