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Election season starts early Thursday, December 4, 2003
D. Craig MacCormack Metrowest Daily News
Sisitsky, Wolfe expected to square off in '04 election

Selectmen Chairman Charles Sisitsky and his most frequent and vocal critic, Harold Wolfe, aren't likely to exchange holiday greetings this year.

But, early next year, the pair will trade barbs in debates for the two expiring seats on the board, as both unofficially declared their candidacy for posts now occupied by Sisitsky and Vice Chairwoman Ginger Esty.

Sisitsky will host a holiday party that will double as a campaign kickoff event at his Eaton Road home Dec. 14, while Wolfe is licking his chops to go toe-to-toe with Sisitsky, whom he decries for his "financial incompetence."

"As much of a pain as it is to run, I have something to say about the man," said Wolfe, a Delmar Avenue resident who mounted an unsuccessful bid for the seat that eventually went to Katie Murphy.

"I'm pushing to win, but I don't know what my chances are.  This town is 80 to 90 percent Democrat.  I'm not sure what I can do about that," said Wolfe, a noted fiscal conservative.

Even more fireworks would spark if SMOC Planning Director Gerard Desilets, the longtime moderator, joined the fray with Esty, who is yet to publicly declare her intentions.

Desilets isn't planning to run this year, he said, although he hasn't made a final decision.

"It's something that's a possibility but it's unlikely," he said.  "I believe in general we have good representation on the board and by and large they are headed in the right direction.

"I don't always agree with everyone of the board's members, but on balance they're doing a good job and there's no urgency for change," he said.

Nomination papers are due in the town clerk's office by Jan. 13.  New Town Meeting members must file their papers by Feb. 10, with incumbent Town Meeting members required to file written notification of their candidacy by Feb. 3.

The election is slated for March 30, a week earlier than normal because the original April 6 date falls on the first day of Passover.

In April, Town Meeting made it tougher for fringe candidates to run for elective offices and decreased the chances of a special election.  All candidates must get 50 signatures from registered voters, up from five.

For a special election to be called, more than four times the number of open spots are now needed.  That's up from three in recent years, a number that triggered a special election when four people ran for one selectmen vacancy.

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