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Offer solutions to go along with criticism Friday, June 17, 2005
Steve W. Orr, TMM Precinct 1 The Framingham Tab
After reading Dan Gittelsohn's letter [June 10 Framingham Tab] I felt compelled to offer some constructive advice. As a matter of fact, the letter that triggers this response was literally screaming for advice.

The truth is that if you want to get something accomplished then you have to do the work.  Get out there and do the research, make the phone calls, organize the people, run the petitions, build consensus, and especially attend the meetings.

Complaining about other people who disagree with you just doesn't count; all it says is that you're too lazy to do the work yourself.  Neither does declaring everyone else to be the enemy.

Last week, Town Meeting voted to fund an initial investigation into the growth of human social services in Framingham.  This vote did not happen in a vacuum and it did not happen because people were talking about it on Frambors.  It happened because a number of people invested literally hundreds of hours of work: work in research, phone calls, organization, consensus building and attendance of meetings.

Dan's postings are almost always blocked from Frambors, not for what he says, but for how he says it.  Civility counts.

So to all the people who grouse about how bad it is, I call on all of you to contribute more time and energy towards constructive solutions to our problems.

And the payback is gratifying.  We do see results at the local level easier than anywhere else.

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