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Real Problems in Framingham October, 12, 2006
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 Metrowest Daily News
In response to Rob Haneisen's October 5th article entitled "The ugly side of the Dover Amendment argument", I'd like to point out that there are more important issues facing Framingham than my email comments.  Here's a short list with which to hone his investigative journalistic skills.

Framingham has about 15,000 illegal aliens (mostly Brazilians).  Many drive without a license and are helped by the Framingham police "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy.  A small number do surgery in basements.  Don't forget our day labor market.

Our school superintendent's budget this year was $5 million more than he had to spend and he gets praised for his financial wizardry skills.  Johnny adds 2 + 2, gets 5 and is given an "Attaboy!".

We generously give the teachers union a seven percent pay hike this year and we promptly get rewarded with a three percent drop in the SAT verbal scores.  Our school committee's "Pay more, Get less" policy in action?

Another entity in Framingham's Social Service Industrial Complex (SSIC), The Advocates, Inc. is now shovelling the mentally retarded into property tax free housing.  Examine: http://www.advocatesinc.org/locations_facilities.htm and http://www.advocatesinc.org/about_current_financials.htm and tour the Advocates luxurious headquarters in Framingham.

Why do we own three Town Halls in Framingham?  Are town halls collectibles like baseball cards?  Do they grow in value over time?  How about old libraries and schools?

Why are twenty three percent of our school students persistently bilingual (year after year after year...)?  How will this help them deal with an English speaking country?

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