Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

No Need for an Override Friday, April 22, 2005
Harold J. Wolfe The Framingham Tab
If you attended the April 12th joint meeting between the Board of Selectman, the Finance Committee and the School Committee, you could easily see why an override is loomimg in Framingham.  Twenty two leaders of the community attended and not one dared to discuss cutting expenses as a method of eliminating our growing deficit caused by our collective bargaining agreements which were deliberate and wanton overspending.

A deficit is merely an imaginary number generated by someone who intends to spend more than the actual revenues received.  It can easily be made to go away by trimmimg unnecessary expenses and here in Framingham, we have an abundance of those.

Among tax and spend liberals, any cut beyond one percent is defined as a draconian cut.  A draconian cut can only mean three things.  Our kids will become retarded, civilization as we know it will collapse, and the huns will attack.

The two hour meeting was dedicated to moaning and groaning about the lack of state aid, an environment that most attendees thrive in, like pigs in mud.

The goal of the meeting may have been to postpone the budgetary part of Town Meeting on April 26 until later in June so that the Town Manager can press for an emergency override before June 30 when the final budget is due.  This would minimize any time to build up resistance to an override.  I sincerely hope that Town Meeting declines the request.

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