Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Sen. John Kerry and the federal deficit Wednesday, September 3, 2003
Barbara Anderson Citizens for Limitted Taxation
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If we must listen to Sen. John Kerry criticize President Bush about the deficit during the campaign for president, then we should also be reminded that it was his vote that killed the federal balanced budget constitutional amendment that would help prevent deficits and control the national debt.

Citizens for Limited Taxation worked with the National Taxpayers Union on its Balanced Budget Amendment campaign throughout the1980s and '90s.

We almost won in 1997.  As with any proposed constitutional amendment, a two-thirds majority vote is required in both the House and Senate for it to succeed in the U.S. Congress.

The NTU got the vote in the House.  The Senate vote, on March 6, 1997, was 66-34, one vote shy of the required two-thirds.  That one vote was Sen. John Kerry's.

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