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Citizens for Limited Taxation

Does the Majority Rule? Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Harold J. Wolfe Metrowest Daily News
The voters of Massachusetts passed a referendum to lower the state income tax to five percent by a 59 percent margin and in a later vote, 45 percent voted to eliminate the state income tax. Here in Framingham, Adam Sisitsky, Gerard Desilets and Deborah Blumer have all stated that they are reluctant to decrease the state income tax to five percent.

Deborah Blumer, my favorite nominee for the "Lifetime Menace to the Taxpayer" award, would increase it to 5.95 percent at the drop of a hat. All these candidates believe that government is the solution to all that ails us, when in fact, it represents most of the ailments.

Deborah Blumer and Gerard Desilets are fighting English immersion tooth and nail despite voters passing it by a 70 percent margin.

Laws are passed by a majority of our lawmakers. INA Title 8, Section 1324 states that it is against the law to help illegal aliens, but Deborah Blumer and Gerard Desilets have shown a strong disregard for these laws by going out of their way to help illegal aliens.

These candidates are coming to your house soon. Speak to them about these issues.

Whatever happened to rule by majority vote in Massachusetts? Only one thing differentiates a democracy from a dictatorship: Majority rule. Which one do you think you live under?

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