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Where Does the Money Go? September 25, 2004
Harold J. Wolfe ( 508-877-5541 ) Metrowest Daily News
A Sept. 3 article in the MWDN stated the latest SAT college board exams dropped for Framingham High School, but school officials regrettably said that, "in a way, that is a good sign."  SAT scores dropped from 1085 to 1047, a 3.5 percent drop.  An even better sign would have been holding our school district accountable and our school taxes would drop by 3.5 percent.

A Sept. 8 MWDN article stated the school superintendent was given a good raise after getting good grades in six categories by the school committee.  The only category missing is accountability in delivering better academic results.

It is now clear to me that most bilingual students in the Framingham school system are the children of illegal aliens.  As long as the Board of Selectman (except A. Ginger Esty) are openly encouraging illegals to come to Framingham, the taxpayers will be increasingly burdened with school taxes to educate those children who would normally have been, for the most part, educated in Brazil.  The 1982 Plyler Vs. Doe Supreme Court decision does not permit us to ask their immigration status.

There is a persistent but erroneous belief that better school funding provides better results.  The significant increases in school funding over 40 years have resulted in decreased SAT scores.  Chapter 70 funding issues discussed by various candidates are not relevant.  Those who want more funding are simply pandering to the school unions.

Fairfax County, Va., a suburban county of Washington, D.C. with over 200,000 students in its school district, had a combined SAT score of 1127 (Math 570, Verbal 557).

Perhaps we should recognize that good students come from good homes (not necessarily affluent) where parents clearly understand and stress the importance of knowledge, not to mention its economic utility.  Any parents that have a limited understanding of the transforming power of education will not be able to convey it to their children.

How will the new exercise/workout room in our renovated high school improve the academic performance of the students?  How does it fit in to the primary mission (education) of the school?

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