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Rte. 9 bank robbed Wednesday, December 1, 2004
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FRAMINGHAM -- A suspected robber who took a cab to and from the Rte. 9 bank he hit yesterday is also a suspect in a robbery last Saturday, police said.

Police also said a man fitting the description of suspect Mark F. Zraket was reported at another bank as a suspicious person an hour before the Fleet/Bank of America was robbed at 12:45 p.m. yesterday.

"The officers located the suspect in a (Clark Street) apartment," said Lt. Vincent Alfano.  "They called him out of the apartment, he came out, he fit the description and he was placed under arrest."

Zraket, who turns 38 tomorrow, is charged with unarmed robbery.  He was to be arraigned this morning in Framingham District Court.

A bank employee called 911 to report the robbery at about 12:45 p.m. yesterday, Alfano said.  When officers arrived, several witnesses said a man had given a note to a teller demanding money.  The teller gave the man money, and he left the bank.

Witnesses told police they saw the man jump into a cab and leave the bank, which is on the corner of Temple Street across from the Stop & Shop.

"The dispatching personnel did a great job of reaching the cab company," said Alfano.  "We contacted the cab company, and they did locate the suspect in a Tommy's Taxi cab."

The suspect had originally asked to be dropped off at the Dunkin' Donuts on Concord Street, but later asked to be dropped off at 59 Clark St.

Police arrived after the taxi driver had already made the drop, Alfano said.

"Our units went to the scene quietly and monitored the scene," said Alfano.  "They saw the suspect go around the back of the building."

Alfano said police questioned the property manager, who said he saw the suspect enter an apartment in the building.  It is unclear if Zraket lives at the apartment, because he has a different listed address.

After he was questioned, Zraket was taken into custody, and the cab driver and a bank employee were both brought separately to Clark Street to see if Zraket was the person they had dealt with.  Both identified him, police said.

Alfano said Zraket may have been in another bank prior to the Rte. 9 robbery.

"One hour prior to this robbery, a suspect fitting his description entered the Framingham Cooperative Bank at 1 Lincoln St. and was acting suspiciously -- so suspiciously that bank personnel called the Framingham police to report they had a suspicious person," said Alfano.  "When police arrived, he had left."

As of presstime yesterday, police had not recovered the money or the note used during the robbery, Alfano said.

"The detectives are searching the cab, they're processing the bank scene and they'll most likely be processing the apartment," Alfano said.

Police are also reviewing surveillance video taken during a robbery at the Citizens Bank at 303 Worcester Road on Saturday.  In that robbery, a man fitting a similar description robbed the bank after handing a teller a note.

Alfano said if someone is charged with that robbery, they would be charged with armed robbery because a gun was threatened.

In video stills provided to the News, the suspect from Saturday's robbery and Zraket look similar.  A hat the suspect wore Saturday looked similar to a hat Zraket had when arrested yesterday.

"We are investigating any connections," Alfano said.

  • Recent Framingham robberies Yesterday's robbery of Fleet/Bank of America marks Framingham's third robbery in four days.  Last month, a woman was brutally beaten and robbed at the downtown train station.
  • Fleet/Bank of America at Rte. 9 and Temple Street yesterday
  • Citizens Bank at 303 Worcester Road on Saturday Nov. 27
  • J. Silver Clothing located at 16B Irving St. on Sunday Nov. 28
  • Woman at commuter rail station downtown on Oct. 6

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