How To Beautify Downtown

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How to Beautify Downtown April 20, 2010
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 Metrowest Daily News
Downtown Framingham is mostly perceived as a crime infested welfare pit of ne'er do wells by chance, but mostly by choice, who are rewarded for their failure by the benevolence of the Commonwealth with Section 8 housing vouchers, food stamps, and many other benefits. Then you can add in the large number of illegals as permitted by police policy.

If crime is an economic activity, examine the site (choose Framingham police, and extend the time frame). Strangely enough, downtown crime is centered directly around the police station. One could almost infer from this map that the police themselves were committing the crime. I wouldn't mind testing this hypothesis by moving the police station.

In order to create a sculpture of an elephant from a block of wood, you must chisel away all the pieces of wood that do not appear to be part of an elephant, and what remains is an elephant.

If you want to sculpture a beautiful downtown Framingham, you must remove all the fragments of downtown that are not beautiful, such as all illegal aliens, Advocate clients, SMOC felons, SMOC druggies/alcoholics and potential future SMOC clients currently enrolled at the Philips Wayside Academy for Wayward Waifs. Relocation of the Salvation Army and the methadone clinic would also help. What will be left will be a beautiful downtown.

Then we can consider the railroad crossing problem.

Are you willing to invest $500,000 of your own money in downtown?

If not, why not?

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