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Illegal Tuition May 6, 2005
Frank J. Genova, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
Our local representative as well as some other elected officials in the Commonwealth wants to give illegal aliens in-state tuition benefits.  I would like to remind the taxpayers that this, if it eventually passes, could have serious financial consequences to each and every institution of higher learning in the state.

Federal law states: "If a state offers discounted in-state post secondary tuition aid to a foreign national illegally residing in the United States, it is prohibited from charging any out-of-state resident higher out-of-state tuition rates.  The state and its public institutions must offer the same aid to all legal U.S. residents regardless of residency."

At this very moment there is info on the internet informing out-of-state students how to apply for a rebate and also how to sue the institution if they are not granted in-state tuition rates.  This has the possibility of costing all of us additional tax dollars.

What is there about the inability of our elected officials to discern the difference between legal and Illegal?

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