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Parents are the answer Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Philip Isley, Ashland Metrowest Daily News
Once again today I received a flyer on a person that wants to be my state senator.  I thought to myself, does this person have a license to spend as much money as possible?  The pamphlet happened to be on the subject of education.  The first subject was that the person had voted to restore additional funding to our schools and colleges because they were committed to ensuring a well-educated work force.  My question is, will additional money do this?

The second position this person had was to increase funding for the state colleges and University of Massachusetts so high quality of education would be affordable.  My question is, CAN taxpayers fund every student that can't afford college?

The third and most troubling position of this person was they support even more funding to reduce the size of the classroom sizes in the public schools.  I for one can't understand how small people want these classes to be.  Should we have one-on-one teachers and all go to the poor house?

It should be duly noted that the teachers' association is strongly backing this person and why not?  Smaller classes, less work and more pay.  If I were a lazy person who wanted to create more teachers, I would be backing the person myself.  Teachers' unions and the lack of discipline are the reason one calls for smaller class sizes.  The average class size is lower by more than 50 percent in the last 20 years.

Parents, taxpayers and teachers need a real wake-up call.  Enough is enough.  It's time to go back to basics and stop thinking more money is the answer.  Shut off those computers, TVs, stereos and get children to do their homework and start disciplining children.  Money is not the answer -- it's good parents that care and dedicated teachers that want to teach.  This is what we need to think about before voting for a representative who thinks the answer is to throw money at the problems.

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