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Citizens for Limited Taxation

Five Year Projection is a Farce March 25, 2007
Harold J. Wolfe Metrowest Daily News
Framingham recently released its five year financial projection and it shows overspending in all three scenarios.  The notion that the town government should release a public document that specifies a willful intent to overspend taxpayers monies is repugnant, offensive and is an insult to the taxpayers of Framingham.  Not one thought is given to living within one's means, or cutting expenses to match revenues.

I believe that those who were paid or volunteered to generate this document should feel free to work or volunteer in another galaxy, far, far away from Framingham.  The financial projection shows that the public sector unions like the teachers, police, fire fighters and public works exercise greater control than our spineless elected and appointed officials.

Town and school employees who simply cannot appreciate how hard it was for taxpayers to generate town revenues, are not shackled to Framingham and should feel free to look for work elsewhere.  We will be delighted to provide you with minimal relocation assistance, like the directions out of town.

How about spending more time on a document outlining wasteful spending in Framingham.  Not all services are vital or essential.  I point you to the 1998 Financial Task Force report for a list of possible cuts to eliminate your fictitious deficits.  How about reducing those burgeoning and costly bilingual and special education gulags in our schools, or renegotiating our health insurance contracts?  Lastly, the town's Welcoming Proclamation encouraging illegal aliens into Framingham is distinctly not a taxpayer friendly policy.

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