Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Whine More, Pay Less Sunday, May 11, 2003
CLT Notes Boston Herald
Taxpayers continue sending a powerful message

Update on the underwhelming numbers of Massachusetts citizens opting to pay their state income taxes at the old, higher rate of 5.85 percent, rather than at the current 5.3 percent rate.

With 1.9 million state returns now processed, the Department of Revenue reports that exactly 955 filers have decided to pay at the higher rate. That works out to one-twentieth of 1 percent.  Oddly, when the tax cut appeared on the ballot, 41 percent of the statewide electorate voted against it. Given an opportunity to put up or shut up, they shut up.

The extra money raised by the 955 liberal stalwarts: $115,488.  Which means their average income was less than $25,000.

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