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Wake up and smell Constitution Sunday, November 2, 2003
Jeffrey W. T. Buck [ Belvidere Road ] Metrowest Daily News
Lily-white?  Are you kidding me, Sumner?  How dare you make such a racist comment and reduce illegal immigration to a color issue?  The only way the colors black and white are involved here is in the U.S. Constitution -- the paper it's written on and the ink it's printed on.

How dare you claim that whites who want immigration laws enforced are racist.  If you were to step inside the foyer of the Memorial Building, you would see the names of dozens of my lily-white ancestors who fought for American independence in the Revolutionary War and for the freedom of non-lily-white Americans in the Civil War.  You, sir, are impudent, ignorant and racist.

And home-grown Americans are being vilified too?  For the life of me, I can't fathom how the Sumners, Moroneys and Haneisens of this world ever found employment.  There certainly was no logic portion of their entrance exams.  Are we now seeing the fruits of decades of dumbing down our educational system coming to light in the media?  Since when do immigrants and especially illegal aliens have more rights than natives?  I was born here.  It's my country and I will passionately and unapologetically defend her to the last.

In case you, Sumner, have not noticed, there are Americans of every color, red and yellow, black and white, and they are precious in God's sight.  There are legal immigrants of every race, too.  And in case you have not managed to make this observation throughout your "extensive," "empirical" and "factual investigation" of these issues, Brazilian is a nationality, not a race.  There are Brazilians of all hues and racial backgrounds.

People like myself who have managed to salvage their minds from the effects of the hallucinogenic elixir of political correctness believe in equal opportunity deportation -- all races qualify.  I would be as vehement in defense of my country's national sovereignty and security if the problem were millions of illegal Canadians here in America and thousands of illegal Scandinavians here locally.

Which part of "law" do you not understand, Sumner?  Wake up and smell the Constitution!

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