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Rizoli clashes with selectman chairwoman Wednesday, July 27, 2005
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 Metrowest Daily News
FRAMINGHAM: Illegal immigration opponent Jim Rizoli was nearly thrown out of the selectmen's meeting last night after he clashed with the chairwoman when she refused to recognize him at public participation.

Chairwoman Katie Murphy and Rizoli exchanged heated words when Murphy did not call on him during public participation, a forum where Rizoli has been a frequent speaker.

Rizoli refused to sit down from the podium, demanding that he have the chance to speak about a police investigation involving the Human Relations Commission.

"I'm not going.  They can arrest me," he yelled.  "You're not going to violate my freedom of speech in this town."

When Rizoli refused to sit down, Murphy ordered Town Manager George King to call police and have him removed.  King left the room to call police, but Rizoli eventually walked out after Murphy recognized the next speaker.

Board members John Stasik and Charlie Sisitsky later commended her for keeping Rizoli under wraps.  Murphy said Rizoli and his supporters have dominated the forum for two years, and she has had "multiple complaints about that kind of racism."

Before the board changed the rules regarding public participation, Rizoli would speak repeatedly about Brazilians in Framingham.  Last night he said he wanted to talk about a police investigation that found the Human Relations Commission has never filed any meeting minutes.

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