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Ed McGrath is dangerous 06/26/2010
Harold J. Wolfe  
My $50 contribution to Ed McGrath's Framingham state senate bid was returned without explanation but I nevertheless understood the message from the McGrath campaign. My free speech in words and images was not to be tolerated by Ed McGrath.

As an experienced attorney specializing in defending police officers against their alleged wrongdoings, I wonder if he will defend Framingham's allegedly threatening, gun waving, urinating officers.

One would think Ed McGrath's experience would allow him to clearly and unambiguously understand the concept of free speech under the U.S. Constitution. It does not. His perception of free speech is whatever speech he wants to hear and see, not necessarily what you want to say or show.

If he were to win a seat in the Massachusetts state senate, he would be in a position to write laws to stifle our freedom of speech and crush dissenting opinions, and that would make him extremely dangerous to our free speech and our society as a whole. It's just so sad that he fails to understand.

Given the choice of Ed McGrath and Karen Spilka for state senator for Framingham, my choice is "None of the Above". Alternatively, I could write in "Bobo The Monkey".

Bobo The Monkey is also a write-in candidate running against Pam Richardson. Admittedly, Bobo The Monkey stands a better chance against his intellectual peer, Pam Richardson.

Do you see any people of color (other than lily white)?

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