George P. King
Phone: 508-958-3825
At Large
Janet Leombruno
Phone: 508-989-4938
At Large
Christine A. Long
Phone: 508-561-3825
District 1
Precincts 22,23,24
Cesar G. Stewart-Morales
Phone: 508-250-0503
District 2
Precincts 25,26,27
Adam Steiner
Phone: 508-309-8901
District 3
Precincts 19,20,21
Michael Cannon
Phone: 508-309-8901
District 4
Precincts 16,17,18
Noval Alexander
Phone: 508-816-8868
District 5
Precincts 10,11,15
Philip R. Ottaviani
Phone: 774-245-1055
District 6
Precincts 7,8,9
Leora Mallach
Phone: 508-969-1124
District 7
Precincts 12,13,14
John A Stefanini
Phone: 508-872-2927
District 8
Precincts 4,5,6
Tracey Bryant
District 9
Precincts 1,2,3

Only Mike Cannon, Janet Leumbruno and George King voted against giving illegals driver licenses . The others were playing idiot.

When we went to a city, we concentrated all powers to eleven council members and one mayor. They then hand selected committees and stacked these committees with their friends who shared their viewpoint.

There is substantial scientific evidence that collaboration, rather than sparking creativity, results in group-think and mediocrity.

The intelligence of a committee is inversely proportional to the number of its members. (Is eleven too high?)

In their defense, these are not the shiniest coins in the fountain to begin with.

They say that great minds think alike, but so do small minds.
Never underestimate the power of stupid in large amounts.

Sisitsky has always been a public sector employee and has not earned any monies in the private sector. He'd love to talk about his illustrous career.

Not one of these pussies would announce their religion or god publicly. It shows what a fraud religion is.

Every tax is a pay cut. Every tax cut is a pay raise.

The City Council plans to meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Meetings will be held at 7 p.m. in the Blumer Room at the Memorial Building, located at 150 Concord St. (24 times a year).

As we all know, committees have become so important nowadays
that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work.

The subcommittee assignments are:

Economic Development Mike Cannon (chairman); Margareth Shepard;
Cheryl Tully Stoll; Edgardo Torres; Dennis Giombetti.
Education Adam Steiner (chairman); Pam Richardson; Cheryl Tully Stoll.
Environment Judy Grove (chairwoman); Pam Richardson; Edgardo Torres.
Appointments Cheryl Tully Stoll (chairwoman); Edgardo Torres;
Dennis Giombetti; Margareth Shepard; Michael Cannon.
Rules Pam Richardson, (chairwoman); George King; Adam Steiner.
Finance George King (chairman); Charlie Sisitsky; Michael Rossi;
Adam Steiner; Judy Grove.
Planning and Zoning Charlie Sisitsky, (chairman); Michael Rossi; George King.

Our mayor and councillors fully support our illegal aliens whose allegiance seems to be somewhere in South America. Hmmm?

I should consider myself lucky by getting one within walking distance.


We have at least one moron on our council. Could you please raise your hand?

20180526 Framingham council faces pushback on diversity director post

Idiot mayor thinks talent comes mostly from women of color. She is beginning to look a tad racist.

20180523 Never underestimate stupidity in large amounts (9-2 vote)
Council members put off pot stores

Charlie Sisitsky is probably thinking....

It starts with marijuana. Next thing you know, they'll be
listening to swing music and dancing with the colored folk.

As usual, doing business in Framingham is like mating elephants.

It's done at a high level.
It involves a lot of roaring and screaming, and...
It takes two years (and a month) to produce results (Nov 2016 - Dec 2018).

20180330 Framingham City Council reviewing vehicle perks

20180306 Framingham City Council to hire part-time auditor
20180223 Framingham panel to study cannabis regulations
20180221 Council: Framingham mayor's new hires 'unauthorized'
20180210 Council asks to review mayor's hires
20180209 Recreational Cannabis Task Force
20180202 Councilors bristle at mayor's new hires Nadia Ullman, at an annual salary of $65,591 working 30 hours per week for the mayor as a senior policy adviser, will be tasked with connecting community leaders with city resources, facilitating policy discussions and branding Framingham as a "first-class city," according to the mayor.

  • How will she connect community leaders with city resources?
  • How will she facilitate policy discussions (on what policies)?
  • How will she brand Framingham as a "first-class city"?

What is this miserable cretin talking about to begin with?

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