Yvonne Spicer was elected as Framingham's first mayor on November 7, 2017. Those attuned to Framingham politics clearly heard the sound of a thousand neoliberal orgasms all at once. We were hoping for a a shining beacon of intellectual brilliance in a quagmire of stupidity, but we got Yvonne Spicer.

She was totally invisible only one year ago. Where the hell did she come from?

Spicer's first meeting as our new mayor is with a pile of idiots who believe in imaginary creatures.

The meeting had been scheduled with the anticipation that she would win.

If she herself believes in imaginary creatures who endorse slavery and misogyny, then she's a real Hindenberg moron.
Sorry Yvonne, no excuses allowed here.

Don't you just love black people who support slavery? I do. It would be even funnier if she were a lesbian in her secret life.

Yvonne took her oath of office (and I suspect that she will blatantly violate that oath) placing her hand on some dusty bible.

Mayor Spicer clearly shows no sign of having a gym membership and her weight gives us some assurance that she is not likely to be kidnapped. One might suspect that there is a Haagen-Daz missing a night manager.

So we have

  1. a mayor ($187,000),
  2. an assistant to the mayor ($70,000)
  3. a chief operating officer ($132,000 - $152,000) reporting to the mayor
  4. a senior advisor of external relations (Jacquetta Van Zandt $80,382.12)
  5. a senior policy advisor (Nadia Ullman $65,591.60, 30 hours/week))
  6. a city solicitor (Chris Petrini)
  7. a director of administration and finance (Mary Ellen Kelley)

After reading the specs on her advisor wanna be's, one has to ask themselves why we really need the mayor for $187,000 a year. Fire her and use her qualified advisors.

Can you smell the blossoming bureaucracy?.

One position she might consider is: Superintendent of the Ecclesiastical State in our new department, the Department of Eschatology

She offers no opposition to any of our money wasting boondoggles .

In 2010, the racial makeup of the town was 65.3% White, 5.8% Black, 0.8% Native American, 6.3% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 6.27% from other races, and 3.38% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 13.4% of the population (4.7% Puerto Rican, 1.8% Guatemalan, 1.5% Salvadoran, 1.1% Dominican, 0.9% Mexican, 0.6% Colombian, 0.3% Peruvian). (Source: 2010 Census Quickfacts)

This shows the power of jewish money and organization and the push for diversity. . Fundamentally, she has no skills in running such a large $290 million organization that allegedly serves the public interest.

The office of Mayor tends, year by year, to go to such women. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of Framingham will reach their heart's desire at last, and the Mayor's office will be adorned by a downright moron.

Are we here yet?

Her salary is $187,000 and she don't know shit. That's why she needs an assistant for $69,000. It appears that the job requirements are far more than Yvonne actually has.

The Fuller override was enthusiastically and unanimously endorsed by the city council and we can just visualize this public sector cretin salavating and wringing her hands thinking more for me, less for you

Lo and Behold

Yvonne Spicer's transition team.

  1. Robert Berman, President, Boston Technology Advisors
  2. Virginia Betelli, Educator
  3. Adam Blumer, Former Charter Commissioner and School Committee Member
  4. Jessica DaSilva, Behavioral Health Care Coordinator, Advocates
  5. Isabel Martinez Famania, Senior Educational Specialist, Boston Scientific
  6. Michael Gatlin, Chair, Economic Development Industrial Company (EDIC)
  7. Dr. Adrian K. Haugabrook, Senior Vice President and University Chief of Staff, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)
  8. Kristina Johnson, Assistant Director, Planning and Community Development, Town of Hudson
  9. Reverend J.A. Lloyd, Pastor, Greater Framingham Community Church
  10. Kenneth Miller, Assistant Division Administrator, Federal Highway Administration
  11. Susan Nicholl, Executive Director MetroWest Visitors Bureau
  12. Reverend Dr. Sarai Rivera, Worcester City Councilor

I'm sure that both Reverends, who worship imaginary creatures will chime in with their intense knowledge of reality.

Are we transitioning into a theocracy?

Stay tuned!

07/07/2019 Mayor Spicer was off in Hawaii for the Conference of Mayors. .

She visited a fire training session.

For both your safety and viewing pleasure, it's
best if you're above her on the ladder,

Still beefing up the bureacracy with more bureaucracy.
Meanwhile, two and a half years later, still no retail marijuana store.
Our mayor fully supports our illegal aliens whose allegiance seems to be somewhere in South America. Hmmm?
Brouhaha over the police chief selection
20180821 City council rejects mayors ZBA choices
Public Information Officer
Citizen Participation Officer
20180511 Councilors critical of spike in funding for mayor's office

She is hiring enough people to do her job twice over again. (and she is becoming increasingly racist in her push for diversity and women of color (an oft-quoted phrase of hers).

Yvonne does not understand that skin color is not a skill.

20180403 Framingham is a city on the move, mayor says at groundbreaking

Yup, we are building more apartments that in ten years
will be totally occupied by illegals and Section 8's.

Photographer should have
used a wide angle lens.

She's not what I would call a Nubian Godess.
Did not realize this woman had such a big ass!
No shortage of food at her house and she doesn't miss any meal!
I'm guessing 250 pounds.
It's lonely at the top, but you eat better.
Apparently, she has been at the top for awhile.
This explains the need the the big ass Ford Explorer SUV.
Her ass would simply not fit in my Toyota Corolla.
Given her body is merely the vehicle that carries her immense brain, her brain deserves a smooth luxurious ride.
I'm sure that her big fat ass brain will be displayed in a jar in some museum. And the sooner, the better.

20180330 Making Framingham 'resilient' for women (and people of color)
20180306 Kezer named Framingham's first chief operating officer

20180221 Council: Framingham mayor's new hires 'unauthorized'
20180214 Mayor Spicer defends purchase of $43K SUV

20180212 Petrini, Kelley picked for new city jobs

Mayor will release info on licensing board candidates

20180205 Framingham: 5 takeaways from Mayor Yvonne Spicer's State of the City speech
20180117 Framingham: Panel recommends new jobs in mayor's office

In the realm of staffing, Spicer's panel called on the mayor to create a handful of new positions in her office including

  • a communications director
  • an executive assistant or scheduler
  • a director of government affairs and policy and
  • a chief diversity and inclusion officer

The city is currently advertising for two of those jobs:

  • a senior policy adviser ($71,000) and
  • a senior adviser for external affairs ($92,000),

who will help oversee "all aspects of the Executive Office operations," including identifying policy needs, building coalitions to support legislative initiatives and "mitigating crises."

Both jobs are advertised with salaries in the range of about $71,000 to $92,000.

20171216 Renovations complete at Framingham's Tribune Apartments

Spicer said she plans to work toward increasing the amount of affordable housing in the community when she begins her first term in office next year.

"If our people are not thriving in downtown, then we as a whole community cannot thrive," she said, "and so I am putting a lot of my energy in thinking about our underserved areas, making sure that there's more affordable housing - that people can stay here."

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