Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Charles J. Sisitsky

Charles J. Sisitsky exhibits no empathy whatsoever for the Framingham taxpayer. 

On August 22, 2002, I attended a Selectmen's meeting where a town meeting member, Tom O'Neil, made a statement to the Selectmen concerning schools.  Selectman Charles Sisitsky responded back by snapping back at Mr. O'Neil.  This was recorded on cable TV. 

Next time, I would recommend that Charles Sisitsky take in a deep breath, count his chins, and then say nothing.  If he believes it is his job to go on the attack when citizens complain, then he should get a different job (hopefully in another state).

On October 24, 2002, he told me that I was privileged to speak to the Board of Selectman.  I guess it must be a very special privilege to be overtaxed by him.

Feel free to send Charles Sisitsky some email  [csisitsky@rcn.com] telling him what you think of your taxes

Charles J. Sisitsky's day job is being the Director of Public Works ( $87,330 ) in Natick MA.  Keep this fact in mind next time you consider voting for him.  Like yourself, government employees always ask themselves, how can I get more pay.   In the private sector, you have to be innovative and work harder.  In the public sector, the thought of raising taxes comes to mind.  After all, a rising tide (of taxation) lifts all (public) boats.

I'm going to guess that the motto for Natick's Public Works department is not Dedicated to Excellence in Public Service.  Here's an example of his department at work.

Log entries
Charlie Sisitsky has to be financially inept if he runs out of snow removal funds before the winter even begins. He has 300+ years of snow removal to tap on.
Apparently, Charlie Sisitsky is better at generating ethical standards than he is at following them.  Apparently, these ethics rules were generated in March, 2003 by the Board of Selectman.
I got a copy of the 1998 Financial Task Force Report and it it clearly shows that the best that Charles J. Sisitsky could do was an operational override.
After Katie's Murphy election to the Board of Selectman, Charles J. Sisitsky took over as Chairman of the Board.  One of his first acts was to move public participation from the first item ( 7 PM) on the Thursday night agenda to around 9 PM.  He believes that if you want public participation, you should attend the entire meeting. 

Of course, a citizen's public participation is limitted to 3 minutes each and 15 minutes total for any given meeting.  You cannot really participate thruout the meeting.

This is Mr. Sisitsky's special way of telling the citizens of Framingham what he thinks of them. No surprises here.

Charles J. Sisitsky, Christopher C. Ross, and Esther Hopkins show up at the grand opening of Shannon O'Brien's metrowest center in her failed effort to become the governor of Massachusetts.
Earlier in 2002
Charles J. Sisitsky callously votes to place the last override on the ballot.

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