Employee Department Job Title Year/Model vehicle
Ken Ferguson Police Chief of police 2016 Ford Explorer
Chris Pisano Police Housing liasion officer 2014 Ford Taurus
Ronald Brandolini Police Deputy chief 2017 Ford Explorer
Steve Trask Police Deputy chief 2017 Dodge Charter
Ernest Moreau School Foreman, buildings and grounds 2013 Ford Explorer
Joseph Hicks Fire Fire chief 2015 Ford Expedition
Michael Dutcher Fire Assistant fire chief 2012 Ford Expedition
Steven Magri Fire Fire marshal 2017 Ford Explorer
John Schultz Fire Deputy safety officer 2006 Ford F250
Joseph Mazzola Fire Assistant fire marshal 2008 Ford Explorer
Jerome Farias Fire Fire prevention inspector 2005 Ford Explorer
Richard Zontini Fire Fire prevention inspector 2004 Ford Explorer
Wayne Bolduc DPW Director of traffic signals, fire alarms 2013 Ford Explorer
Paul Barden DPW Deputy director 2014 Ford Explorer
Peter Sellers DPW Executive director 2016 Ford Explorer
Michael Hupfer DPW Highway Division operations manager 2016 Ford F150
Daniel Nau DPW Director, highway/solid waste/recycling 2014 Ford Taurus
Fred Davies DPW Director, fleet/facilities/communications 2014 Ford Explorer
Brian McCarthy DPW Wastewater Division operations manager 2016 Ford F150
Steve Leone DPW Assistant director, water and wastewater 2015 Ford Explorer
Peter Lampasona DPW Operations manager 2011 Ford F150
Darren Guertin DPW Operations manager 2016 Ford F150
Blake Lukis DPW Director, water and wastewater operations 2015 Ford Explorer
Mike Tusino Building Building commissioner 2015 Ford Explorer
James Paolini Facilities Director, facilities and capital projects 2014 Ford Taurus
Yvonne Spicer Mayor Mayor 2018 Ford Explorer

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