Since the SATs were introduced in 1926, the race gap in SAT scores between whites and blacks has been between 10% to 15%. Check out the Massachusetts Department of Education website for the city of Framingham and work your way back by year. I think it should be required for all school committee members to make their SAT scores public. In 1967 at age 17, mine were 750 in math and 550 in english. I would be giddy if I could retake the SAT's at age 70, to see whether my brain turned into tapioca pudding.

By race, Asians score the highest, followed by whites, latino and blacks (people of color). Most people accept autism spectrum disorder, but we still largely deny the intelligence spectrum disorder provided to us by racial genetics.

In 2018, Framingham spent $127,368,785 in total for public schools, $20,845,317 for SPED related programs and only $66,640 for Gifted and Talented. In 2019, Framingham spent $132,512,257 in total for public schools, $18,893,605 for SPED related programs and only $12,633 for Gifted and Talented.

Our expenditures for our gifted students is rapidly approaching zero.

On the bright side (if you can call it that), you can have your child baptized at Walsh Middle School on Sunday morning when the Walsh auditorium is rented out to a Hopkington church.
From STEM to STEAM to J(esus)STEAM.

Consider the stupid faith of the chairman of our school committee.

If the Framingham school committee carefully considered how many full fledged 16-32 processors they possessed in their homes, they would emphasize software development at all levels in our schools. Software development is the language used by cybernetic organisms found in every key fob, printer, smart/dumb phone, computer, digital camera, every single bluetooth device, USB stick, SD card, microSD card, GPS units, smart TVs,some business cards, smart light bulbs, smart plugs, etc. Every processor has its own memory and operating system and very specific applications. Every IOT (Internet of Things) requires a CPU running an operating system and a TCP/IP stack for communications. All in the past 30 years.

These cybernetic organisms are breeding far faster than some biological organisms. It would be interesting to know how many processors were made by all computer chip makers in 2019 alone.

I compare the growth of these cybernetic organisms to the Covid-19 virus. Interestingly enough, neither the virus or any processor is a life form until it infects a human host.

There are no airplanes, only computers that fly. There are no cars, only computers we sit in. There are no hearing aids, only computers we put in our ears. We cannot make anything complex without computers. We have become totally addicted to computers (but the planet still bristles with 20,000 thermo-nuclear weapons ). These nasty little weapons make computers obsolete for a long while..

The spread of computers and the Internet will put jobs in two categories.
People who tell computers what to do, and
people who are told by computers what to do.

It may be time to strike a deal with our robot overlords. If the winners of the AI revolution want to avoid the business disruption of an actual revolution, they should be prepared to negotiate a new and very different deal.

On a side note, computers also run the condom making machines in their effort to exterminate us biological organisms. Who wrote the code and has it been carefully checked for holes?

And knowing this, the school committee teaches French, Spanish, Portuguese. It's time to ditch these languages and start teaching fundamental computer programming skills and languages like Python, Java, C, Javascript and SQL. Now with Google Translate, I can understand any language. There goes them computers again, sweeping your precious language skills away. Try Google Translate on your phone or computer. Within 2-3 years, Google expects you to have a conversation with most people who do not speak english.

Is education the cultivation of a person, or the manufacture of a worker? I say its job skills. Particularly skills with cybernetic organisms. Admittedly teachers will oppose this because they just know that computers are gunning for their jobs, and they the teachers would have to learn the complexity of cybernetic organisms.

Any teacher that can be replaced by a computer deserves to be.

Take note that as biological creatures, we have been evolving to our current state over 100,000 years, whereas computers have been evolving over only 75 years.

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