Framingham School Committee
Farley Building
19 Flagg Drive, Framingham, MA 01702
Name District Email Business Phone
Beverly Hugo District 1 508-626-9121
Richard A. Finlay District 2 508-626-9121
Jennifer Moshe District 3 508-626-9121
Adam Freudberg District 4 508-626-9121
Priscila Sousa District 5 508-626-9121
Valerie Ottaviani District 6 508-626-9121
Tiffanie Maskell District 7 508-626-9121
Jessica Barnhill District 8 508-626-9121
William LaBarge District 9 508-626-9121
School Committee City wide 508-626-9121
Robert Tremblay City wide 508-626-9118

While listening to their meetings, one might be led to believe these people are screeching, squealing, rapacious neo-liberal communistic swamp sows, and you might be correct.

I don't know what came over me, but ever since I saw Tremblay's face, I thought to myself that somewhere back in time (200 years ago), his ancestors were pirates. The type with an eyepatch, a pegleg, perhaps a hook as a hand and an optional parrot. You know the type.

I think this issue deserves some attention from the school committee.

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