All this fuss about the appointment of a jewish lackey Justin Kapust as an alternate on an agricultural committee ? I was impressed by the humor of it all.

Hate has no home in Framingham? I beg to differ!

We are about to see hate from the council when they take up the issue of taxes.

We are about to see a significant tax increase. Shown below are the two problems and Framingham's solution.

Plyler V Doe was a 1982 SCOTUS decision that said any child within the boundaries of the United States has a right to an education. The important part to remember is that

The funding falls on the local property tax payers.

It is an open ended expense to the taxpayers as long as we support illegal immigration .

PlylervDoe also creates demand for housing as low-paid illegals flow into Framingham.
Demand for housing gets us more and more apartments choking downtown.
Let's build more apartments in Districts 1 and 3.

This year we will have perhaps 500 new students. .

This may be more than enough to make us a majoriy LATINO school district.
Isso pode ser mais do que suficiente para nos tornar um distrito escolar majoritariamente LATINO.

The current enrollment is now 9,274 students ( 47% latino and 39% white. ) Soon, we will offer English as a second language.
You just have to love intellectual diversity.

The current cost per student is $21,500 , unless the student is a physical or mental vegetable. Some of those may cost well over $300,000 per student.

Enrollment by Grade

Framingham schools are in a high poverty area.

According to the school budget, we spend a grand total of $50,000 on SAGE (smart students). See page 61.
There is no mention of computers or computer languages in their activities.

According to the school budget, we will spend $17,623,063 on 2,100 (out of 9,500) students receiving special education services. This represents a 16% increase from last year. See page 52.

These students inhabit the heavily weighted left side of the Bell curve

I always wonder how many of these kids are not even US citizens . Our SPED program looks awfully attractive to mothers in South America who have spawned a vegetable. We are only a hop, skip and jump away from Brazil, thanks to the efforts of our council, mayor and school committee. .

SPED includes therapy only, partial inclusion, full inclusion and substantially separate. In addition to services by special educators, we also provide speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive physical education, orientation and mobility, visual impairment (blind) support, applied behavior analyst support and audiological (deaf) consultation.

The current student/teacher ratio in Framingham is 12. .

You just know that those rabid communist assholes in our Framingham Teachers Association (Union) will not want that to creep up.

So, 500 new students require 500/12 = 42 new teachers and 500 * $21,500 = $10,750,000.

If we are recruiting teachers from Brazil , why not recruit students?

Recruitment of Brazilian teachers using H-1B visas allows these invariably female teachers to drop their anchor babies.

Next year, I expect 750 new students as the border surge continues.
We will need another 750/12 = 63 new teachers and 750 * $21,500 = $16,125,500.

This will clearly tip us into a majority latino school system. OY!
English as a second language?

Flash news!:

Illegal border crossings have topped 10,000 per day this week, the highest levels ever

Given inflationary pressures, our commie like Framingham Teachers Association (Union) FTA will soon kick in their demands.
The FTA is by far the biggest reason my property taxes go up.

And EVERY council member knows that you can't get elected to the council unless you support the commies in the FTA
The more union members you have, the more money you get from union dues.
Where does the money go during an election cycle?

The hate will come as the council forgets that we are a nation of renters .

Framingham's Chicken Little (aka Geofrey Epstein) has always been crying The Sky is falling! but he's OK with uncontrolled illegal immigration. A hypocrite in the mist!! Here's some more The Sky is falling! stuff.

Meanwhile, our new minister of propaganda had previously written about Framingham schools.
I'm waiting for her idiocy to use the term antisemitism as a spokesperson for the city.
The moment she does, she's promoting religion on behalf of the public.

All these financial issues could conceivably be resolved the Jewish Way but this seems unrealistic.

If we spend one milion dollars on busing the homeless, where exactly are the bus stops?
Inquiring minds want to know.

We have a mayor who gets his salary and his Natick retirement which puts him in the top one percent income bracket Any property tax increase helps him. The bigger, the better. I have asked for advice:

I am not clear on whether using Prop 2 1/2 reserves requires a city wide vote.
We are getting close to finding out!

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