Each district has an equal size voting population, but note that District 1 and 3 are particularly large geographically.

Take note that the District 1 and 3 zealots hang out on the framgov mailing list gets extremely active when any new development gets close to District 1 or 3. They closely monitor and get involved mostly with planning, zoning, traffic and conservation. I'll check the addresses of these planning, zoning, traffic and conservation board/committee people and their interesting occupations. Real estate development is a big one.

The League of Women Vultures plays a role in the district protection racket.

The Nobscot Neighbors and the FramNobscot people constitute the Guardians Of The Gate, the intersection of Water Street and Edmands Road. The largest NIMBY we have.

Beyond this intersection live the rich people who hire those people living in Districts 7, 8 and 9. These District 1 and 3 residents are the primary promoters of illegal immigration and basically human trafficking..
Back in 1845, we had to steal them black people because we needed field hands (for free). Now we still need field hands (for cheap). Behind every kind of lawn/landscaping service that has an American as the owner, lies a slew of illegals who by law are not allowed to work. The kids of illegals then bring us the property tax owners the unfunded Federal mandate of Plyler V. Doe, (SCOTUS 1982) .

Interesting roads to cruise on are:
Nixon Road, Wayside Road, Carter Drive, Doeskin Drive, Mountain View Drive

The crown jewel of District 1 is Carter Drive. I would encourage every resident of Districts 7, 8 and 9 to visit Carter Drive. Hang a left onto Doeskin Drive where our petite little jewish princess judge Jennifer Aimee Stark lives. I wonder if she does yard work as the woman of the house .

You never hear the framgov/nobscotneighbors/framnobscot people talking about wanting to preserve open space in District 7,8 and 9. There isn't any open space.

Do these framgov/nobscotneighbors/framnobscot people talk about buying swimming pools in Districts 7,8 and 9. How about more trails? Nope! Nyet! Goose Egg.

As a member of good standing in the 22 Carter Drive neighborhood , it's Kathy Layburn Vassar's job to warn of any impending meetings that will disrupt Districts 1 and 3 in any of the following:

Kathy Layburn Vassar, 22 Carter Drive

  1. https://www.framinghamma.gov/2551/Planning-Board Planning Board
  2. Planning amd Community Development
  3. Historical Commission
  4. Historical District Commission
  5. Zoning Board of Appeals
  6. Conservation Committee

Vassar is a liberal la-la-land loonie even if she sees herself as moderate or independent. Bullshit.

This shows off the disparity of wealth and how the wealthy manipulate our institutions. I suspect that our better known real estate agents that are in involved with planning and zoning would never steer colored people into District 1. In fact, the interesting question is how many people of color live in Districts 1 and 3 or is this one of them white supremacy zones?

I don't know the specifics or real details of Framingham, but the district lines seem arbitrary and for all I know, there might be some subtle gerrymandering going on.

There has been a long term trend to split Framingham into North Framingham (white people) and South Framingham (dark white people). In such a split, the people who will gain the most are the city employees. Twice as much government. Two city halls, two school systems, two police departments, two fire departments, blah! blah!.

The property tax is a regressive tax. What this means is that the more land you own (or more correctly, rent from the government during your brief existence) the less you pay per square foot. The homeowner with a 5,000 square foot property will pay the most, while those with 100,000 square feet will pay considerably less per square foot.

Yes, the residents of District 1 and 3 get a break on their land's property tax. Stealing from the poor.

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