It's enlightening to see that closer you get to a vegetable, the more the schools will spend on you. Never mentioning their chances of getting a job after age 18/21. It's exquisitely expensive and class A superb babysitting. We can usually thank the parents whose bad genetics force this cost onto us. Hope they are even US citizens.

Imagine paying this cost for 12 years in public school. There is zero chance that these vegetables will earn anything close to the expenses of their education.

Note that the list is for students costing us more than $100,000. How many students are there in the $25,000 to $99,999?

I'd certainly like to know who specifically is poisoning our genetics by allowing some vegetables to reproduce. Do we get another generation of vegetables? Sure hope it doesn't come from consanguineous marriages in our jewish community. This might create a bunch of nitwits, halfwits and dimwits.

It would seem more rational to cap the educational expenditure cost to $25,000 per year and deposit the difference in a bank account for their future selves. Of course, this seems like rewarding bad genetics.

We have to set a maximum to be spent on any student.

Otherwise, the teachers unions will spend any amount on a given student. All you need is to write plenty of justification to spend $371,000 on one student.

The priciest ones seem to be minimally exceptional, deaf, dumb, mute, blind, autistic, obese quadraplegics with spina bifida and scoleosis?

Help me out, I'm only guessing.

These people will need life long care. BUT, while they are in school, the well paid scum in the teachers unions will suck us dry claiming that every child needs to be educated (an unfunded mandate on the taxpayers).

Jobs abound (NOT) for such people.

Apparently, teaching a deaf student costs four times a hearing student. WoW! Assuming no other differences. Look in the help wanted ads for positions that require deafness.

The top twenty percent of the intelligence distribution has a huge influence on whether our economy is vital or stagnant, our culture healthy or sick, our institutions secure or endangered.

Our future depends crucially on how we educate the next generation of people gifted with unusually high intelligence. Accept that some children will be left behind other children because of intellectual/physical limitations,

If I were to make a choice, I'd be investing this kind of money on the intellectual SAGE kids rather than cro-magnon, neanderthal kids.

How about equality in funding?

"You stay here, Audrey -- this is between me and the vegetable!"
-- Seymour, from _Little Shop Of Horrors

What is our return on investment in educating them? How does that ROI compare to teaching carrots, cabbages and brocoli stems?

The only hope that these people have is that horseshoe crabs have lived for hundreds of million years without any brains.

Some may have the intellectual capacity to become a Framingham police officer.

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