Framingham school district wants to improve diversity, combat discrimination June 6, 2018
Zane Razzaq Metrowest Daily News

FRAMINGHAM - The city is forming a plan to tackle racial inequity within the school district.

The School Committee on Wednesday approved the Racial Equity Sub-Committee's suggestions of doing an equity audit of the school district, getting a monthly hiring diversity reports, and moving towards removing "zero tolerance" language from discipline policies to avoid boys of color from being disciplined at a disproportionate rate.

The sub-committee presented its formal recommendations to the board, hoping to improve problems like a lack of diverse staff, racial discrimination, and a disproportionate number of students of color being disciplined.

Among the biggest concerns for the sub-committee is that students of color are not seeing themselves reflected within the predominantly white staff, based on data the group has collected. For example, more than a quarter of the students enrolled in the Framingham Public Schools are Hispanic, compared to 10 percent of the staff.

By comparison, 87 percent of the staff is white and 57 percent of the students are white.

The sub-committee recommends a hiring diversity committee for administrators to work with the Human Resources department to work on recruiting, hiring, and retaining a more diverse staff.

They also suggested implementing an Equal Employment Officer to whom employees could report bias incidents in the workplace without fear of retaliation.

"Launching Scholars" would be a sixth-grade program focused on reducing the achievement gap between white students and students of color.

The sub-committee was formed in the beginning of the year to tackle racial inequity in the district. It is chaired by Gloria Pascual and includes members Tracy Bryant, Noval Alexander, and Beverly Hugo.

If 57% are white and 25% are Hispanic, then, 72% are white. When did Hispanic become a color? And when did color names start with a capital letter.

Black is not a color because it does not reflect light.

White is a mixture of all colors.

One may suspect that Jews are behind this diversity program. They thrive in a very mixed population.

This is blatant racism by the Framingham School Committee. Of course this moron committee does celebrate holidays to honor fictitious gods.

I'd love to see the difference in SAT achievement between blacks, Hispanics, whites and far easterners.

It appears competency in teaching should be based on skin color. Intelligence has limited applications in our school environment.

This stupidity is brought to us by our woman of color mayor.

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