I am an atheist . Are you?

During this last Rosh Hashanah, Adam Freudberg and his clan celebrated the 5,782nd year of the Heavens and the Earth (see Genesis 1:1).

When Adam Freudberg is celebrating Passover on April 15, next year (according to our school calendar), it would be a precious event if he could invite any Egyptian students we may have in our 9,000+ student school system and tell them to their face that:

The massacre of the innocent first-born children of the Egyptians. Now there are a LOT of Yahweh-delivered horrors in Exodus, but his savage murder of innocent children who'd done nothing wrong and weren't in any way responsible for any evil is probably the most brutal of them.

Let's not be bothered that the head of our school committee denies evolution . If we get more jews into our school committee and city council, we may have enough crazies to start up Scopes Monkey Trial 2 here in Framingham.

I cannot thank Jack Lewis enough on his tireless work on getting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts it's very own dinosaur. Given that he is a Trinitarian minister teaching Unitarian concepts, you just know that when he watches the Flintstones, he's watching a documentary. I'm sure we can use him in some capacity, perhaps as a crazy ass minister in another Scopes Monkey Trial 2 that should occur in Framingham.

Concerning the mayoral race between two religious crazies, Spicer and Sisitsky , while I really dislike Spicer, she is by far, the lesser of two evils. This is always the only choice we are given in Framingham. The lesser of two evils.

The greater evil wants significantly higher taxes. Note Sisistsky stays away from certain words like taxes. He prefers that the city enhance its revenues. In his mayoral playbook, the word override is in very large flashing text, while the word underride does not exist. Ask him!

Take note of his use of the following words: taxes, taxpayers

Spicer was lambasted by her opponents of trimming the school budget. Take note that during the pandemic, I did not see any layoffs from the schools. Every single employee was fully paid, including the janitors, coaches, nurses, librarians, cafeteria workers, therapists, psychologists, directors, assistant directors, vice-principals, principals, assistant superintendents, superintendents blah, blah. Oh! Did I forget the large army of teachers and subs?

Meanwhile no school employees had to contend with any nasty commute in snow to their school when the Framingham school system went online and stopped using its physical buildings. I wonder how many bus drivers and school crossing guards were paid? Their salaries were in the budget.

In the meantime, in the private arena, millions lost their jobs.

Meanwhile, the MCAS scores dropped by over twenty (20%) percent. Did we get any apologies from the FTA Framingham Teachers Association (Union)?

I think we are entitled to a significant refund from Adam Freudberg , Jack Lewis , and of course the FTA, Christine Mulroney.

If Freudberg, Lewis and Spicer expect to be reelected, they have to cater to the FTA simply because the FTA is the largest well defined voting block in Framingham, followed by the police and fire unions. Union (association) dues are the monies that greases Framingam politics and allow those addicted to power to retain it..

Having learned that swastikas annoy the jewish community,
I have given each and every jew I know a nice swastika of their own.

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