On one of her now deleted Facebook pages, she mentioned something exciting was going on at the Baptist church. Framingham has three Baptist churches. The First Baptist Church and South Middlesex Baptist Church is more for white Baptists while the Framingham Baptist Church is a separate but equal Baptist church for the colored people.

Priscila is considered colored even though I suspect her predecessors have been breeding with them white folks for a few generations.

As a Baptist, she is a Protestant who views the the Pope merely as a maladjusted elderly virgin and certainly not as God's own representative on Earth like those whacko Catholics like David W. Cunis .

The Baptists do The Lord's Supper but not each Sunday. Perhaps on a monthly or quarterly basis.

I ask myself if there is a single member of the Framingham School Committee that accepts evolution as their creator . Or do we only have a bunch of god believing idiots.

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