Since Framingham has framed itself as a sanctuary city the Honorable Governor Greg Abbot of Texas will send more buses to Framingham.

Texas Governor Abbott is obviously making a very potent political statement: "I'm going to bus people. I'm going to teach you what we face in the border states, so you get a taste of it."

Can we, the residents (mostly US citizens) of Framingham, please get a report on the details of how we will be getting more busloads of illegals

Who's who in the line of communications on these buses at the

  • federal level (our federal delegation)
  • state level (our state delegation),
  • Framingham mayor and council members

In articles on these buses, I keep seeing Jewish Family Service of Metrowest in my news feeds.
Why are stupid jews involved.

How much money has the city paid Jewish Family Service of Metrowest?

What exactly was the line of communications and who encouraged these buses to stop here?

Did anyone way NO!, We don't want them?

Did you know that there are 11.5 million asylum (from abysmal poverty) seekers in Haiti?

The best way for Framingham to save money is to rent some buses and pay the cost of shipping these people back to the Mexican border.
Then we can use a long row of Trebuchets to toss them back into Mexico.
They are invaders.

Whatever happens here, we should not allow our asshole mayor to build a Community Center.
He will turn it into a bus station and holding center for illegals and it will become a permanent encampment of illegals.

Marian high school can hold hundreds of Haitians!

Work permits won't magically solve NYC's migrant crisis - they'll make it worse

The first and most important thing is a long list of children and their age groups. We would like to see how many will be going to Framingham schools.

The average cost per year per child is $21,500 unless they are IEP students whose costs could exceed $350,000 per year (the sky is the limit)

Each child will be sure to get

  • free housing
  • free education in our schools
  • free healthcare
  • free meals,
  • free bussing,
  • free computers,
  • free internet service,
  • free MWRTA service,

The parents will get free ESL classes.

We would like to see a table that includes all buses in so far...

  • for each grade level, the number of children with no IEP
  • for each grade level, the number of children with IEP
  • Country of origin
  • Which schools will take in the influx?
    I recommend Hemenway and Potter Road schools in districts 1 and 3.

Lets get those hard working illegals close to those who hire them.
We should build more apartments along Carter Drive for the maids and gardeners.

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