Our committee to create a sanctuary policy should watch this gumball video.

My first wish is to point out another candidate for the Dalai Lama Of Morons award. I present to you, Leora Mallach .

It's not everyday that people celebrate a genocide .

Let's not forget our foreskin collector who you showed off in the city's first newsletter.

Only stupid jews would use a symbol, the Star of David that honors a mass murderer.

Lookee! Lookee! He brought back 200 foreskins.

By the way, the stupid jewish menorah image in your newsletters reminds me how this asshole
and the city's propaganda minister are peddling Judaism but not all other assinine religions .

A pile of jewish idiots, one rabbi and more jews.

Was our mayor being paid by the taxpayers while he attended Adam Sisitsky's interview with the
Governor's Council around October 11, 2023 .

Just what we need in our Superior Court.
An idiot named Adam who names his children after biblical characters. Isaac and Jonah!
How very Jewie can one be?
As for myself, I've always wondered why Adam's wife, Jennifer Stark retained her maiden name.

It would be appreciated if the city's Ministry Of Truth and it's propaganda minister would not use the term antisemitic or any derivative.
Why should the city do that, you ask?
The term antisemitic is a coded term that we all understand to mean anti-jewish.
Have you ever seen a jew WITHOUT a jewish god Yahweh ?
Stating that someone is antisemitic is like saying you don't believe in our god!.
You're a heretic, a blasphemer.

In the christian world the term is Blasphemy!

In all cases it is a religious word and has no place in Framingham's propaganda unless our our idiotic mayor
can show me his stinking scrawny little god !
Or perhaps just one small talking snake and better yet one or two talking trees . I prefer a tree since it won't slither away.

It is the jews that peddle circumcision . Thanks to all our jews in our state delegation, our Framingham council and certainly our
Framingham school committee , Framingham hospitals and perhaps a local rabbi are busy slicing and dicing little penises.
You religious idiots are very proud of yourselves.

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