Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Christopher C. Ross

Christopher C. Ross is our newest member on the Board of Selectman and regarded as the token south-sider.

Chris has been pretty quiet in his years as a TMM. One might almost conclude, that if you want an opinion from Chris Ross, you'll first have to give him one.

Feel free to tell Chris what you think of your high taxes at ccr@world.std.com.

Log entries
At the Board of Selectman meeting where taxes were raised more for commercial than residential properties, Chris said There is pain everywhere here, but we have to stand by those folks who have been residents here for many years.  Of course, residents will also pay more.

You can bet your little booties that Chris Ross will inflict more pain as long as he is in office.

Christopher C. Ross, Esther Hopkins, and Charles J. Sisitsky show up at the grand opening of Shannon O'Brien's metrowest center in her failed effort to become the governor of Massachusetts.
Earlier in 2002
Christopher C. Ross callously votes to place the last override on the ballot.

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