Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Esther A. H. Hopkins

Esther Hopkins is the chair person on the Board of Selectman.

She is best known for her questions, such as:
"I'm confused, could you explain this to me again?".

Feel free to send Esther Hopkins some email  [eahhopkins@comcast.net] telling her what you think of your taxes

Log entries
Esther Hopkins shows up in an article on Woman in Politics. It's good to know that she can spend money as equally well as the men on the Board of Selectman.
Esther Hopkins, Charles J. Sisitsky and Christopher Ross show up at the grand opening of Shannon O'Brien's metrowest center in her failed effort to become the governor of Massachusetts.
Earlier in 2002
Esther Hopkins callously votes to place the last override on the ballot.

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