Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

No New Taxes, Please

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Framingham's Ministry of Finance (Board of Selectman, Finance Committee, etc) all seem to be giddy on raising meal and hotel taxes in Framingham. I'd love to see their justification for any tax increase and how many of them are tax feeders (recipients of such tax increases). I just wish they would post their justification on FRAMBORS.

To put things in perspective, this shortfall in revenues is very temporary (2-3 years). Once raised, the taxes will never ever be lowered.

There is no justification to increase our taxes unless you are the recipients of such taxes, a tax feeder, or an enabler of the tax-feeders such that they become gluttons. It's good to know that the government is willing to kick us while we're down in this Great Recession.

The rest of us will simply choose restaraunts and motels outside of Framingham just to spite the town's greed. This choice is a no brainer. Framingham will slowly become less competitive.

Has any attempt been made to cut expenses? None that I've seen. Zilch! Nada! Nyet!

Framingham has a stagnant, if not a declining population this decade but I'm proud to announce that the town employment is booming.

While the population of Framingham has remained flat for over forty years, town employment shows constant growth. Why?

Here's a microcosm of town employment growth in the police department. Notice how many more deputy chiefs, lieutenant and sergeants we get. As soon as you they acquire rank, they tend to avoid the streets. Have we got enough chiefs?

We don't even need more indians on the streets. The indians are all hunkered down at Dunkin Donuts.

Still not convinced we need these taxes? How about counting the burgeoning public sector as seen from our retirement fund and compare them to the town population (included within).

This one show that what town meeting passes as the school budget is only about 59% of what the schools spend each year. It's not enough that we spend over $16,000 to educate one child for one year? Even in K-8. This is more than most people pay for tuition, room and board in colleges. We seriously overpay our teachers and school staff and you know it.

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