On Sunday, March 8 we switched to Daylight Saving Time, but a cruel joke of nature introduced us to a virus and threw us into the Twilight Zone.

Covid-19 is an RNA virus and as such will more likely evolve/devolve unlike DNA viruses which have error correction. This implies that any vaccine is a crap-shoot like the flu vaccine. Recovery from coronavirus may not confer immunity , warn experts.

A coronavirus typically acquires one mutation a month.

There are some 30 delicious flavors of it already.

It may become benign or it may make us bleed from our eyes.
Only the shadow knows.

The virus might fade in the summer , but I'm confident it will return in the fall, with a vengeance!

Watch the spread of Covid-19 in the southern hemisphere as their cold weather approaches, as proof.

Even if a vaccine came out tomorrow, it would take a minimum of a year to test it, mass manufacture and distribute it.

All we are doing for the forseeable future is supressing the transmission of the virus such that our medical community can handle the volume. The virus killrate seems to be 1.5%. (.015 * 70,000 ) = 1050 deaths in Framingham.

We do not yet have a quick reliable test for this virus.

It's time we get real about life in our dark corner of the Twilight Zone.

Thursday, March 12 was the day the Framingham schools shut down. First we are told that the schools will be shutdown for a day, then two days, then two weeks and now an indeterminate period. I'm putting my $$ money $$ on the remainder of the school year and most of next year if not on a permanent basis. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

You simply cannot open the schools since they are the primary incubators of the Covid-19 virus onto mostly asymptomatic kids. These enjoyable children have zero symptoms but are carriers and transmitters and they will be delighted to share their virus with mommy and daddy and grandma and grandpa (if they still have either or both).

If we get around to mass testing, we will discover that a high percentage of people will test positive but show zero symptoms. Stealth in the form of asymptomatic transmission is this adversary's secret power.

It only took one student to close the Framingham school system.

Come fall, the virus will still be here and schools will remain closed. Our new Fuller school building can then be used to shelter the homeless non-english speaking hungry students of Framingham.

I would like the city council and school committee to take a recorded vote on the issue of whether Framingham schools will re-open this year and even next year. This would show the beleagered taxpayers the true scientific knowledge (if any) of our government.

Do we need all 1,800 school employees any more?

What progress can our illustrous school committee report to the beleagered taxpayers on what nearly 1,800 Framingham school employees have been doing in the last four weeks.

So far, the school employees have

  1. distributed Chromebooks,
  2. distributed pointers to academic resources on the open internet and
  3. interestingly enough, our schools have become Framingham's primary food distribution network..

Some questions....

  1. Can the school committee justify having so many teachers doing pretty much of nothing for over a month?

  2. What progress has been made in remote teaching?

  3. How many hours will the teachers work on a given day and where?

  4. Has the Framingham school committee considered a contribution to the Khan Academy ? They need help. Help them. Especially if you intend to use them.

  5. Has any one individual in the FTA contributed any software to assist in remote teaching? No!

Perhaps you've noticed that 30 million people have recently become unemployed because of government edicts to close down their businesses.

Strangely enough,

not a single local, state or federal government employee has been laid off.

The Framingham school committee has decided to continue paying everybody no matter how long this lasts.

  1. The school parking lots are mostly empty.

  2. I have not seen any effort by teachers to organize virtual classes.

  3. Teachers are not assigning work to students

  4. Teachers are not grading any results from students.

  5. How much face time do students have with their teachers?

  6. What video software will be used for such face time?
    Hope it's not that malware Zoom that allows naked people to join your virtual class.

Perhaps, web sites like Khan Academy can put the FTA out of business. As we know, the FTA's only purpose to be is to provide better pay and benefits to its membership. Student performance is not considered at all.

Examine their current contract .

The FTA is a communist organization whose sole purpose is to hike our property taxes.

  1. Why does the FTA keep accurate records on the length of FTA party membership ? Loyalty and seniority.

  2. Why do we have an increasing number of elementary school teachers making over $100,000 ? Because loyalty and seniority have privilege in the FTA.

Christine Mulroney, FTA president is pleased with the 6.4% increase due next year.

I guess Covid-19 has invalidated our recent edict to use recyclable bags.

Things we don't need anymore.

  1. I'm also guessing that we will not be needing nearly as many teachers as your new $147 million budget suggests . Most teachers are not very good at developing real internet skills that remote education requires.

  2. We no longer need school cafeteria workers. No service, no pay!

  3. The libraries have made themselves expendable. Close them. No service, no pay!

  4. We will need less Parks and Rec staff than what we have now. Chop that in half.

  5. We can ditch the school buses, the school bus drivers, and crossing guards. No service, no pay!

  6. We will need less police officers since crime is dormant now (check the police logs . Instead of signs like
    We have guns in this house!,
    simply post a sign
    Covid-19 may reside inside! Come on in!

    I would like to believe that each member of the FPD is wearing a mask of some sort.

    There might be social unrest in summer as money and jobs run out.
    A desperate search for food will begin.

    Crime is an economic activity.

    I hope that the FPD officer that has Covid-19 was not one of these five idiots .

  7. What we do need is much better (faster) internet connectivity.
    The internet should be considered a utility and no one should be legally denied access to it.

  8. Now that Tremblay has handed out musical instruments , can he form a virtual internet band?

As for those of you on our city council and school committee who thought it was a good educational opportunity to use the Walsh middle school auditorium as a church , and believe in imaginary sky wizards , remember evolution does not exist. I'm guessing the virus was created by your life giver, god, to get rid of old people or those annoying Allah people. You may have noticed that your thoughts and prayers have not worked. Perhaps you are the same idiots who believe that deployment of 5G towers are the cause of Covid-19.

April Distance brings May Existence!

Under the confident facade of recovery, there will be signs of a concern felt across Framingham: that any recovery from the virus may be fleeting, and a new wave of infections -- and the lockdowns, death and misery that follow in their wake -- may be just over the horizon.

Lockdowns shouldn't be fully lifted until a Covid-19 vaccine is found. We should continue efforts to cut off any links for sporadic cluster transmissions. Those who choose to open the schools such as the Framingham school committee, the Keefe Tech school committee, the (FTA) and city council should be charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Would the city council consider a "voluntary tax" on all religious institutions in Framingham (who claim to help the poor and disenfranchised), to help fund the medical community during this Covid-19 pandemic? The amount of money raised should be publicized so we can truly see how much they really care.

We are still trapped in the Twilight Zone.